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GIADA | November 18th -20 VIP back to enjoy activities – Sohu encounter elegant, annual enjoy. During the period from November 18th to November 20th, Italy luxury brand GIADA will be held in a landmark 2016 winter series VIP back to enjoy activities. GIADA 2016 autumn and winter series luxury presents surrealism Abstract aesthetics". GIADA creative director Gabriele Colangelo blend in this season in the creation of the Belgian surrealist artist Noé Sendas; the essence of photography, space and abstract painter Anne Tholstrup Danish paintings: color composition of triangle and the arc of the original all through the Surrealist photography of this series of profile and inspiration, combination, line and point the large area color stitching, high contrast black and white contrast, color paintings will be emotional expression vividly in garments. GIADA 2016 autumn and winter series VIP feedback enjoy activities, look forward to meeting you! More boutique, welcome to the store to buy. Shop address: Yanlord Plaza A District L2-203 shop Tel: 028-86725698 above content from "T1" is a landmark of Chengdu high-end mobile platform, is committed to providing all kinds of high-quality activities and services for high-end users, build Chengdu from Online to Offline enjoy superior life platform. Stay tuned for more exciting content: WeChat T1-Life official T1 life long press down in two-dimensional code recognition相关的主题文章: