Germany sent a letter to the Tesla owners don’t relax your attention puritans pride

Germany sent a letter to the Tesla owners don’t relax your attention: Tesla Motors Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 14th news, the German Federal Motor authority (Federal Motor Authority, hereinafter referred to as FMA) sent a letter to the Tesla owners, requiring the owner to keep the attention in the use of Autopilot, don’t relax your vigilance. In accordance with German traffic regulations, the use of the system, the driver must always be vigilant, can not give up the control of the car. Autopilot launched in October last year, it can help the driver to control the car, let the car in the driveway, but Autopilot can only assist the driver, and can not replace the driver. Tesla has also publicly stated that Autopilot is just driving the auxiliary system, driving in the car drivers need to stay focused. In May 7th this year, Tesla suffered a serious car accident in California, Model S car accident due to the main cause of death, since then, Autopilot has become the object of review. German Ministry of communications is studying Tesla Model S electric car Autopilot function, an internal report said, Autopilot may be a considerable risk of traffic. (compile tiger Tao)相关的主题文章: