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GE lighting in or out of the Asian market international lighting giant have to shrink the front GE lighting or exit the Asian market international lighting giant have to shrink the front Lin Zhiyin International Lighting giant contraction front lighting business news. Following PHILPS, OSRAM and so on, the international lighting giant GE (General Electric) lighting is also likely to sprout retreat. Recently transferred to withdraw from Asia and Latin America market news. Informed sources to the China business reporter, said, GE lighting CEO indeed in the release of the internal mail has revealed the intention to quit. But GE lighting will take what way out, it should be said that there is no clear plan, the message has not been announced." Reporter repeatedly contact GE lighting Chinese companies, but as of press time, did not get a reply. Many respondents believe that the traditional lighting business is stripped of the trend of the giant lighting, which is the main reason for the traditional lighting turned to the era of LED lighting, profit margins have been greatly compressed. In or out of the Asian market recently, network rumors, GE lighting CEO wrote to internal staff e-mail said, since November 30th this year, GE lighting will terminate in all direct business activities in Asia and Latin america. The rumor is like in the lighting industry, cast a heavy bomb. Reporters in the GE lighting company’s official website message trying to verify the above rumors, but as of press time, did not get a reply. Meanwhile, the reporter also contacted the relevant aspects of the GE lighting Asia to try to understand the situation, but also no echo. "As far as I know, GE lighting headquarters staff has received such a letter on GE lighting in or out of Asian markets such as internal mail, but GE lighting will take exit, it should be said that has not been implemented, inside are still in a wait state." An insider told reporters. Deputy Secretary General of alliance National Semiconductor Lighting Project Officer Geng Bo told reporters that in recent years, GE lighting has been continued in the Asian market exit. "As five years ago, I have heard that it wants to withdraw from China, mainly due to poor efficiency, it is in China’s development down the road." Geng Bo said, GE lighting only channels in the China, no entity factory, the main products commissioned by a Xiamen company called Topstar foundry. "Topstar lighting products also help GE lighting production and sales in the North American market." Statistics show that the full name of the "Xiamen Topstar Topstar Co. Ltd., is the Xiamen light industry group company, mainly engaged in energy-saving electric light source products, lighting appliances, plastic products research and development, production and management. Its subsidiary, Topstar Topstar lighting, new technology and GE cooperation. The reporter tries to further understand the trends of GE internal Topstar lighting to exit the Asian market, but have internal staff feedback that "do not know the specific circumstances". China has been marginalized in the GE lighting, and PHILPS, OSRAM was listed as the world’s three largest lighting giant, its founder is a household name, "the inventor of the electric light" – Edison. Despite a long history, but GE lighting in the Asian market visibility, obviously less than相关的主题文章: