Gamemax flagship! Hot wheels run mod case evaluation-e3300

GAMEMAX flagship! Hot wheels run MOD case evaluation GAMEMAX Hot Wheels analytical case appearance more high-end game player, the pursuit of things and people are not the same, this law has strong universality in today’s market economy. In the field of DIY zanwei, as if a game enthusiasts, everyone in order to get a better gaming experience, usually to choose cost-effective products strong price close performance. As a high-end players, then, in addition to the ultimate performance, they have a high degree of value for the product as well as uniqueness is very different from others. High end water-cooled MOD host for this group of players, the basic is a symbol of their own high-level standards. So, today GAMEMAX is interested in water MOD host game player, brought to the new combustion products — Hot Wheels MOD chassis pole. Hot Wheels MOD chassis GAMEMAX, can be said to be broke the inherent cognition of a product case. Whether the traditional chassis is transparent or closed, did not get rid of the shape of the square confinement. The GAMEMAX hot wheels turned out to run other, represents a new MOD fun, it abandoned the traditional shape and design, the free and unrestrained and frank super sports car design perfect transplant to host design, change the host’s view, also highlights the free spirited and challenge the peak of the competitive spirit. Let’s take a look at the subversive elements of the chassis. The first is shape, relative to the past you get used to the big square, hot wheels GAMEMAX innovation is too big. Round box, this is certainly the focus of suction eye, all aluminum chassis shell material, wind fire wheel like irregular parcels have full chassis to ensure strong degree at the same time, also highlights the unique eye impact and metal texture. A tower designed to break the normal procedure dynamic shape, and the silver star wheel rim Aluminum Alloy reflection and bidirectional 90° ultra running transverse skylight type hollow design, so that the whole body among wild and elegant, no matter where, are the focus of attention. On the other side of the chassis is the high brightness of the acrylic, as the most popular gaming chassis, will all the details of hardware platform within one perspective, temptation unabated. GAMEMAX hot wheels equipped with the original water tank, so that the platform will be higher than other products in quality, but also the interpretation of this play is a very powerful split type water-cooled platform, also let the game player to better play to their imagination, to create their unique charm of the water color run. At the same time, the external water cooling tank also enhances the overall security of the water cooling platform. It is more convenient and easy to install and maintain. Fine texture can display high quality and market positioning, GAMEMAX supercar concept Hot Wheels regardless of where you are the most dazzling star, full metal body, aluminum and industrial grade metal rivets and double external water cooling box. Combined with the 5 spoke rim of modern automobile industry and the aesthetic design of the circular distribution of the double side through the eye-catching trapezoidal block, excluding!相关的主题文章: