Game referendum provoke Penghu County governor to counter the DPP simply waste ”

The game referendum proposal provoked   Penghu County counter DPP: simply waste " the referendum law " – Taiwan Channel – original title: the game referendum proposal provoked Penghu County counter DPP: simply waste " " for the recent referendum; referendum game troubles, Penghu county chief Chen Guangfu said that the repeal or amendment "referendum", don’t get stuck in the middle of county government. (source: Taiwan’s "United Daily News") China Taiwan network October 14th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan Penghu County game referendum four troubles before the vote, the DPP publicly expressed opposition to the referendum, but the DPP Penghu county magistrate said neutral position County government. In the face of Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen and the DPP with criticism of the game referendum, the DPP Penghu mayor Chen Guangfu yesterday (13 days) to fight back, he stressed that the county government and the DPP central position there is no contradiction and conflict, the county government advocated neutrality, election run, hope for Penghu to find a way out, "or please simply abolishing or amending the" referendum law ", don’t get stuck in the middle of county government." Chen Guangfu said, the county government is the basis of the "referendum" administration according to law, the proposal is not the county. Promoting gambling more than 5 thousand units through a series of proposals by the Taiwan authorities and the threshold of the "interior ministry" approved by the joint threshold, too, must according to law. Recently, DPP chairman Cai Yingwen and the DPP "legislators" mentioned anti gambling, Chen Guangfu said, and in fact the county government position without contradictions and conflicts, we just put the election run". "I don’t play cards, is a Christian, not in gambling," if the county of referendum as a "monitor" may also have opinions. Chen Guangfu said that one year old Penghu up to eight billion and six hundred million (NT, the same below), but the local tax revenue in Penghu was only around three hundred million, a lot of medical transport to the government subsidies. The people mention the game, is to help Penghu to find a way out. Referendum law is also in accordance with the laws of the authorities, both people put forward to do, positive and negative views can be discussed. As for the Democratic Progressive Party Central Committee, he has opinions, Chen Guangfu pull high decibel, said the Taiwan authorities to abolish the referendum law or amend the referendum law, do not fall in the city and county governments in injustice. Otherwise, the referendum failed, a few years after we signed again, whether it is to do? (Chinese Taiwan network (Lining) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: