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Located near the hospital ravaged fresh beef and typhoon Hot pot – Sohu, Xiamen people can not stop eating beef Hot pot enthusiasm, Chaozhou fresh beef Hot pot, in Xiamen has become a special food, in the neighborhood of Quanzhou beef driven beef Hot pot enthusiasm is warming many, this large cattle today I recommend set, and Chaozhou and Quanzhou medicine Hot pot of fresh beef two beef Hot pot Hot pot support, with the diversity of public taste, is one of the store feature about this position, Hot pot shop did not what the advantage of location, close to the hospital and the surrounding customers to residents. The environment, clean and tidy, ventilation can also be done, there is a small balcony upstairs, downstairs. Hall can see the process of cutting beef, very intuitive. This is the Chaozhou Shantou Hot pot pot. Very simple, corn, beef pie, white radish, etc.. Cattle shutters, boiling hot pot in more than ten seconds later, you can eat, wash very clean, the taste will not be too heavy, you can dip their favorite food to eat, grasp the control of time, eat very crisp. The selection of beef, beef is now cut the morning, looks very bright red color, see the whole pot, can eat, taste very fresh. The key handle is on the lower part of the seed by spoon, spoon in the ribs, the yield is benevolence is slightly big, the key handle cut into large, regardless of the figure, there will be an intermediate of meat reinforcement lines, like the key handle, entrance soft and elastic, there is a sense of tension. The key is located in the lower part of the neck Ren Ren, close to the ribs, because the connection neck muscles strong, dressed in fine meat ribs, higher neck fat than benevolence, very fresh, Wuhua a toe, corresponding to the three part of the tendon back more flowers, rare, more than three bars flower shuttlecock, lines more obvious taste the more brittle, chest fishing brisket a layer of fat, rare parts, big fat cattle have the cold beef, material very much, taste very good weight is a taste of beef offal pot. Worth recommending. Quanzhou beef health pot Xianyue Road No. 1961 address: Tel: 0592-5511437相关的主题文章: