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Expectant mothers drinking alcohol on the fetus what kind of impact? Baby pictures from the network – Sohu recently Taiwan star Ruby Lin in the face book posted a photo of friends gathering photos, photos and had to defend all hard Vivian Hsu, there is Hsu Chi pregnant mother and the couple joy in their marriage., now Ruby Lin. Several big beautiful sisterhood party, everyone seems to drink drink is light feeling, looks like stars. Ah yo, wait, shallow drink drink? There are a lot of friends fans began to pregnant mother Ruby Lin worried, as everyone knows the alcohol is one of the contraband pregnant mother, as a public figure of Miss Lin can so no restrictions of any kind? Pictures from the network [] alcohol harm to the fetus as pregnant women drinking must be obvious to people. Because it is easy to pass through the placental barrier, it is added to the fetal blood circulation. If pregnant women often drink alcoholic concentration of wine, it will cause the fetus acute or chronic poisoning, affecting the normal development of the fetus, mainly damage brain cells, brain cells to stop or reduce the number of development, make structure of fetal brain abnormalities, resulting in the birth of the baby deformity or different degrees of mental retardation. Pictures from the network [alcohol degree is not high wine, rice wine, beer and other series of how] and friends said, from the Ruby Lin face book photos, she should drink wine. Red wine contains required to maintain life activities of the human body vitamin, sugar and protein of the three major nutrients, can increase appetite, help digestion, diuresis, nourishing and sterilization effect, but also can prevent cerebral thrombosis, kidney stones and a series of disease. The key lies in the red wine in contrast to alcohol, alcohol is low, is not appropriate to drink it? At a conference in 1999 in Britain, researchers reported that a pregnant woman who drank 4 glasses of wine a week could damage the fetus’s brain. The researchers used a buzzer outside the belly of a pregnant woman to detect fetuses in the womb. The vast majority of pregnant women who don’t drink alcohol react immediately: stretch their limbs, straighten their backs, turn their heads, and return to their original positions. However, fewer than 1/3 of pregnant women who drink alcohol will respond to this, others are lazy perfunctory, or no response. However, there are different voices. The University of London has done a study, based on the analysis of the British women’s drinking habits and their children to the cognitive ability and behavior at the age of 3, had concluded that moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy of the father and daughter, their children not only not prone to behavior problems and mental problems, but also in vocabulary, shape recognition and counting, article reading tests have good performance. However, the premise is that a small amount of moderate consumption of high-quality wine. The picture from the network [in the absence of the pregnancy, careful not to drink how to do] 1, both the security, not to worry too much about the pregnancy itself is a process of winners and losers, only the best and strongest sperm binding to the egg becomes fertilized eggs, finally develop into an embryo into the uterus. So the child.相关的主题文章: