Duthel Te approved the U.S. government CIA plans to assassinate me-diying

Duthel Te another batch of U.S. government: CIA plans to assassinate me information: in the South China Sea cruise America "fort worth" Littoral Combat Ship original title: Duthel Te another batch of U.S. government: CIA plans to assassinate me, oh! According to the Philippines Business Daily reported on September 30th, Philippine President Duthel Te said he heard the CIA attempted to assassinate him. According to reports, Duthel Te during his visit to the local Philippine Overseas Chinese speech, said: they said the CIA plans to assassinate me. Oh, my God, "President Duthel Te said in a statement that he would not allow Philippines to join the United States in the South China Sea" freedom of navigation ". He said: "I’m not ready to let the soldiers to be killed, in addition, the battlefield is in Palawan? This is crazy! If we move the battlefield to San Francisco? I have no problem." Duthel Te is the United States refers to the government’s anti drug campaign violations of human rights continue to criticize, at the same time, he tried to find new allies, analysts say, this may affect the long-term relationship between Philippines and the United States allies. Duthel Te also in Hanoi announced that the upcoming Philippine US joint military exercises will be the last time he was in. But aides downplayed the statement, saying that Philippines is still committed to relations with the United states. Philippine foreign minister Yasai said that Philippines will continue to hold joint military drill in 2017 and the United States, but after 2018, the joint military drill will be considered. Since the 2017 exercise was agreed upon by the previous government, anything beyond the scope would be assessed.相关的主题文章: