Dongfeng Nissan insurance housekeeper 2 times the owner of the car and then set off 7 million-tencent upd

Dongfeng Nissan insurance steward 2 times the owner of the owner of the car and then set off the Phoenix car news 7 million owners, the policy of the 7 million 500 thousand, the premium of 3 million 700 thousand, which is the Dongfeng Nissan insurance housekeeper era report card 1. September 9th, the 2 era opens, led the new year, hand in hand, Dongfeng Nissan insurance Butler’s ten anniversary celebration and brand promotion conference held in Beijing. Liu Zongxin, general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co marketing headquarters, Dongfeng Nissan has been committed to creating a full value chain of consumer services. The insurance plays a very important role in the promotion of brand strength and marketing power. 2016 is the Dongfeng Nissan customers, as the first domestic insurance industry to join the brand, we will provide more interesting experience for users, more able to meet the needs of consumers, to win consumer recognition." Liu Zongxin, general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co’s marketing headquarters, told phoenix. At the scene of the first row of the domestic auto insurance companies involved in the major insurance companies and the relevant responsible person. Liu Zongxin said Nissan insurance manager in the past ten years, the results can not be separated from their support, the next ten years we will continue to work hand in hand. Insurance Butler 2 era we not only to enhance the customer experience, will further deepen cooperation with Dongfeng nissan." General manager of PICC auto insurance business department double Lei said PICC is becoming a new car sales force, "in August this year, Chinese Paul in the country held a total of 892 games of the second Car Buying Festival, 144 thousand new car sales." The car dealer and casualty department general manager Yang Yi pointed out that "with the consumer groups under the age of 30 and the rise of a fee to change the impact on the market, the auto insurance market there will be many changes, the future of auto insurance price and driving behavior will be closely related, the insurance company can independently develop products, different models of auto insurance prices may be different etc.." Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co marketing headquarters minister Liu Zongxin to vice president, Peoples Insurance Company of China general Gu Wei China underwriting division, Ping An Property Insurance Limited by Share Ltd assistant general manager Wu Jun, deputy general manager of China Pacific Property Insurance Co, Sheng Yafeng Chinese life insurance Limited by Share Ltd company business department deputy general Manager Li Wenfeng, general manager of Chinese land property insurance Limited by Share Ltd car business channels Ministry Paul Liu jointly launched the Dongfeng Nissan the new upgrade of the 2 insurance Butler brand image, also opened a new chapter of service and comprehensive cooperation upgrade. Nibs is brand, standard Nissan franchise stores within the insurance service system covering the whole process of one-stop service insurance insurance scheme, 24 hour hotline, accident damage survey assistance, car accident repair, emergency rescue and co claims service etc.. Brand new insurance butler service brand, refreshing in the image of LOGO. In the service, carry out accident protection plan: to provide care plan for non Chuxian customers, upgrade service for Chuxian customers. Fast claims service to achieve a big upgrade: in 2016 the national franchise stores to promote the service, maintenance and claims service efficiency will be increased by 50%. In addition, the insurance manager will also develop customer service"相关的主题文章: