Do not take the unusual way Nintendo switch only this memory and then traced the Sohu of science and

Do not take the unusual way? Nintendo Switch only this memory and then traced the Sohu Nintendo technology in this month publicly for the first time a new generation of host Switch, but unfortunately, only officially released the Switch promotional video, in addition to the Switch mixed design for handheld console, we still do not know the main machine hardware information. But after all, there is no wall, there are rumors that Nintendo Switch built-in 4GB memory. According to foreign reporters Emily Rogers disclosure on twitter, Nintendo Switch host will be built in 4GB memory, memory size is just two times the previous generation Wii U. Although previously discovered in the developer tools 4GB of memory, but Rogers said she was sure that the retail version of Switch will be built in memory 4GB. Of course, 4GB memory is now considered to belong to the entry-level configuration, after all, many high-end mobile phones are used on the 6GB memory, in addition to Xbox One and PS4 has been used on the 8GB. Nevertheless, like Apple’s iPhone, Nintendo’s hardware and software optimization allows 4GB memory to meet the needs of a variety of games. In addition according to previous reports, Switch provides 6.2 inch 720P screen, support multi touch, the standard size for 16GB cassette. Nintendo will announce more news on January 12, 2017. But in the processor, different from Microsoft and SONY’s PS4 Pro Scorpio is the use of AMD custom APU, Nintendo is using the Tegra chip Huang home. On the specific model of this Tegra, now the Japanese 4Gamer reporter Nishikawa Zenji dug into the insider information, as Tegra Parker, that is, NV announced in August this year, a new generation of Tegra mobile chip. CPU Parker six (Denver nuclear independent dual core +ARM A57 quad core), GPU is the 256 CUDA core, Pascal architecture, 16nm process, 4K 60 support frame decoding, encoding 2K 60 frames, known as the CPU performance than 820 Xiaolong 150%. However, Zenji also pointed out that it is said that a single precision floating-point Parker 1.1TFLOPS, probably because of the reasons for the power of Yan Ge, but Switch still seems to console mode life miserable (3 hours?). Look at my full screen game! Performance? What’s that? Recent articles featured: business cooperation kejimeixue@163 welcome to leave a message, say your point of view, the wonderful wall相关的主题文章: