Development and Reform Commission to strengthen the regulation of market prices during the holiday s 9c8996

Development and Reform Commission deployed during the festival to strengthen the market price supervision commission deployed during the festival to strengthen the market price supervision according to the NDRC website 9 news, recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, the deployment of the competent price departments at all levels in 2016 to strengthen the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period market price regulation, regulate the festival market price order, optimize the festival market consumption environment, create a happy and peaceful the festive atmosphere. For the Mid Autumn Festival during the national day of mass tourism, travel, shopping and intensive, notification requirements around the strengthening of tourism, transportation, retail and other areas of supervision, focus on the following nine categories: first, the operator does not conduct the implementation of the provisions of the price level or floating range, without additional fees, through illegal settings "yuanzhongyuan" the ticket in the form of increased ticket prices, not according to the provisions of the implementation of price tag and other acts; two, hotels and other tourism service enterprises by the name of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) "false price information, price gouging, disrupting the order of the market price behavior; three, catering, tourism and the surrounding area within the dining area, people gather special snack and the street is located in the" "restaurant review site in the forefront of the restaurant, and the surrounding area within the tourism products business Shop price tag is not executed the relevant provisions of the act; four, travel and tourism service website of original fiction, false preferential discounts, the price does not fulfill commitment to price fraud; five, highway, railway, civil aviation, transportation and other transportation industries over the government pricing, the price charged without price, misleading price behavior; six highway charges do not perform major holidays toll free minibus policy behavior; seven, car rental, car rental companies do not enforce the price tag and other relevant provisions; eight, the highway rescue service company, the relatively closed area of goods and services price violations in airports, train stations, motorway service areas; nine. The line of retail enterprises and e-commerce platform in the sale process In the original price of the original, false discount discount, fuzzy offer, misleading price, do not fulfill the price commitment and other price fraud. The circular stressed that the country should further improve supervision of emergency plans during the festival and working mechanism, attaches great importance to the disaster weather and holidays formed the market price regulatory pressure, increase the frequency of monitoring and supervision of supermarkets, farmers market and people’s daily consumption is closely related to the site, pay close attention to consumption increased sharply during the holiday season of grain, meat poultry eggs, vegetables, milk and cakes such as food market and price dynamics, once found the market price fluctuation tendency, signs of problems, timely take effective measures to resolve, to ensure that the two sections of the market price supervision work to achieve solid results. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: