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Day and defense real emergency sale of real estate to conceal shame sina finance performance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money the original title: the results of the landslide days and defense emergency purchases listed just two years time, the day and defense business performance decline, now is already reduced to rely on the sale of real estate to make up for the loss of position. In the company’s main business profitability under poor conditions, to support performance is obviously not a permanent solution to rely solely on selling. Quasi real support performance after *ST Nanjing B intends to sell two sets of Beijing school district room and reduced losses, days and defense have joined the real force losses. Days and defense yesterday issued a notice to dispose of the property, the company intends to sell through real estate intermediary companies in Beijing three sets of real estate. The reason for the disposal of real estate, and defense is said to be an effective way to revitalize the company’s stock of assets, to better play the efficiency of the use of funds". In fact, while the fiery market sale of real estate, for the first half of the day and has been a loss of defense, there may be reduced to. Days and defense, said the sale of real estate is expected to generate revenue of about 10 million yuan, and if the transaction can be completed within the year, will have an impact on this year’s operating results. Beijing Daily reporter yesterday had to call the investor day and defense secretaries office to understand the situation, the other staff said, "and the announcement said, if the year disposal words will affect the company’s performance this year, if the transaction is not years". In the conversation, the day and defense staff also admitted that the current operating conditions of the company is not ideal. After the listing of net profit fall in a long-term focus of the day and defense company sale real estate investors, perhaps also a helpless choice. It is understood that the day and defense since September 10, 2014 officially landed A share market, has just two years, but the days and defense in the performance of A shares is not ideal. Listed in 2014 that year, the day and defense operating income and net profit on the emergence of a double decline, respectively, down 26.5% and 48.59%. In 2015, the weather and defense business is even worse. 2015, days and defense to achieve operating income of about 77 million 870 thousand yuan, up sharply down by 65.08%, the corresponding net profit attributable to the emergence of the first loss in nearly seven years, the loss of about $55 million 330 thousand. In the first half of this year, the operation of the day and defense is still not significantly changed, net profit attributable to about -2170 million, compared with the same period last year, -1550 million has a substantial increase in the signs of loss. Due to the continued poor performance after the listing, days and defense performance in the two market is not satisfactory. After rehabilitation statistical calculation, days and defense since June 24th last year, the decline has reached 74.1%, the original investors betting has suffered huge losses. It is worth noting that, if the day and defense can not lose this year, it will be posted on the label for two consecutive years of losses, which also means that the company in the next year will face a brutal test of the shell. Business crisis, however相关的主题文章: