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Comments: health net content is not regulation "winter is coming" – Beijing recently, "network" is the first product seems to be down on the luck is first "about the car network," the introduction of new regulations, the industry has been hit; then, 60 "network movie by SARFT suddenly off the shelf, but do not give any improvement opportunity; then, network information office renovation webcast, December 1st, net red have money lying on the end of a good day! Someone so sad, "policy to market, winter is coming". However, the fact may not be so pessimistic, the market is still growing, but opportunistic era is over. More than three network products almost at the same time encounter remediation, there are common reasons: first, after years of barbaric growth, have reached a considerable market size. For example, the webcast, the industry is expected, in 2016 the net red industry output value of nearly 58 billion, far more than last year’s Chinese film box office of $44 billion, while the network is the most fiery red hot IP network traffic channel. Second, these industries are in the barbaric growth accumulated timeworn problem. Network movie and webcast "in the low-end, Hing development routines in the net decline in the red, plagiarism, destroyed pornographic", has come to no longer regard as unimportant. It should be noted that the official in determining before tightening the release signal has repeatedly given practitioners chance. For example, in front of the 60 big movie network frame, the film side will receive each month to send a specific platform to modify the specific film views. These comments are based on official or by telephone or through the QQ platform for verbal reminders, and occasionally the official will also focus on the platform poster and the focus of the plot is too exposed to violence to make changes to the requirements. Compared to the provisions of this order, put it down in black and white, warning is not gentle, not quite thoughtful. Similarly, the network is not a day to promote supervision. The Internet broadcast service management office issued "Regulations" in November 4th net letter, the national copyright administration, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of public security and the State Administration of radio this year alone was 6 times for the implementation of the webcast rectification measures, some random broadcast content, some surveys some of the monitoring network platform qualification, safety management. The more control the more strict supervision, but also to remind practitioners at a time, walking over. Its concerns are being cleaned, it is better to change ideas. If you are going to get involved in a big movie or network, you should not consider these issues: the color of the topic to talk about the extent to which the flow is not banned? Where is a good spot? Ghost story, how to follow the violence content can not stand…… Think more, what theme film market has not? How to shoot in the same theme to stand out? The positive energy of the topic how to talk to entertaining? On the occasion of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore stand higher, only can not be drowned. Text newspaper reporter Zu Wei相关的主题文章: