China’s fourth single tide hit singles is not a good sign – Sohu review 200 million-thinkpad s230u

China fourth single 200 million single incoming tide does not bode well for Sohu on November 11th, was originally an ordinary day, are pulled into the holiday team, become "singles day". Some people say that he is not forced to show affection, there is no harm "and" single dog "; others say that he is" a man of exquisite life "single. Statistics show that as of 2015, China’s single population reached 200 million, experts said that China’s fourth single wave positive incoming! (November 12th CCTV News) "singles day, single and non single, are carried out in various ways of consumption or party to celebrate, this participation consciousness has penetrated into every social stratum. Data show that only a Tmall, double eleven this day, electricity supplier sales of up to about one hundred billion yuan, showing a strong national purchasing power. Due to the high divorce rate, remarriage is less and less, and the older youth increased rapidly, would rather choose to do the "single dog", also do not want to will lower their standards. Admittedly, the bachelor is free, whether you are a man or woman, not out of contact with anyone, a powerful and unconstrained style, marital life constraints, but how fast is not happy, I do not have this experience, the natural right to make accurate statements. 200 million people living alone, no spouse, this number is very large, the surface seems to have little effect on social life, but in the long run, all kinds of crisis will gradually appear, once reached a critical point, it will hinder the development of the society, and even change the fate of a nation. The crisis mainly from two aspects, one is with the aging population of China comes, singles older, lack of mutual concern between the spouses of heating, this kind of loneliness can be painful, the pressure facing social pension institutions as can be imagined. The two is after the single men and women increased, our population will fall, reproduction is obviously not what fault sign, once a vicious spiral, both men and women do not want to get married, how human life and growth in nature? Who will take the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation? So, for the fourth single tide strikes, we must prepare enough and measures, especially the singles day, there is no need to deliberately rendering, the best "Shopping Festival" publicity, at the same time to reduce the divorce rate, raise the threshold to encourage divorce, single men and women married with children, help older youth matchmaking, at the same time the construction of a number of older apartments, to meet the growing needs of the society, so it is the government’s duty and responsibility. (Department of Tianfu news observer)相关的主题文章: