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China ancient secrets by the world’s top scientific journal Health verification: inventory of those long merit, finally a bright – Sohu by technology "DeepTech technology" (WeChat public number: mit-tr) authorized reprint, banned two reprint. "Ever-young" since ancient times has always been the pursuit of human goals, but our country Qinhuanghanwu alchemy pioneers although not with immortality, but still put some health tips in the folk — for example, seven full day, live healthy. Recently, researchers from Holland, published in the Journal Nature, found that seven full dietary restrictions can not only make healthy mice live longer, even to the mice with progeria continued life! This is actually the original found on a human progeria. With this name because KK syndrome of children not only have growth barriers, the development of nervous system damage, various manifestations of aging will appear in childhood, most children can only live to be more than and 10 years old to more than and 20 years old. Many of them carry mutations in the Ercc gene associated with gene repair. Because of Kekai syndrome patients in order to study this terrible disease, scientists succeeded in mice copied the signs of premature aging. These mice with progeria have Ercc1 gene defect. Normal laboratory mice life in about 2 years or so, in the age of 6-8 months, and these premature mice live only 4-6 months, life is only the equivalent of a twenty or thirty year old young man. When the scientists were "seven full" diet restrictions on premature mice, the miracle. The median and maximum life of premature mice prolonged for 3 times, and the symptoms also greatly retard senescence. Compared with the same age of normal diet, aging mice, "seven full" premature neurons in mouse brain more than the former retained 50%, completely normal motor function. They avoid the teeter, infirm, fate is like a young mouse like freely. The scientists who were shocked by the results of the experiment also used the Ercc5 gene deficient mice to carry out further verification of the "seven minutes" therapy, and the effect was also very good: the life span of mice was prolonged by 2 times. The scientists also found that the "seven point" therapy successfully reduced the effect of abnormal gene repair on the long gene and preserved the genome function. In fact, as early as 1982, scientists have reported that dietary restriction can prolong the life span of mice and reduce the probability of cancer. Studies in human volunteers have found that dietary restriction can reduce the incidence of aging related diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and reduce the level of inflammation in the body. With regard to the mechanism, scientists generally believe that dietary restriction can inhibit the growth of competent cells of mTOR molecules, thereby slowing cell metabolism, so that the cells in a timely manner to clean up the internal damage to proteins and free radicals, such as garbage". In addition to the "seven points full" can be continued life, and what longevity method has been scientifically verified? The last one is bright. 1, rapamycin mentioned just above the mTOR molecule, the full name of the mammalian rapamycin receptor". Rapamycin and longevity相关的主题文章: