Cao Dewang everyone can do charity

Cao Dewang: everyone can do charity zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in September 13 Fuzhou Xinhua (Lin Ling) "charity and not necessarily pay, if you have no money, you can use the time to help people who need help, as long as you want, everyone can do charity." 13, enthusiastic charity chairman Cao Dewang Fuyao Group, expounded his views on charity to the Xinhua reporter, "charity is not an investment, but rather a heart to help others." 13, the second session of the world business conference held in the hometown of Fuqing, Fuqing businessmen, Fuyao Group Chairman Cao Dewang attended the meeting, and as the financial business forum speakers, the exchange and the world financial business. If entrepreneurs have no sense of responsibility, at best, is rich." This is what Cao Dewang once said. Since China’s reform and opening up as one of the earliest entrepreneurs, according to Hurun charity list statistics, from 1983, the first contribution so far, Cao Dewang cumulative personal donations reached 8 billion yuan. Cao Dewang, who has been on the top of China Charity list for many years, is known as "the best of China"". "Now more and more people start to do charity, but I hope they understand that charity is not investment, charity is to make society more harmonious." Cao Dewang told reporters that rich people can donate money, people can not afford to take the time to help others, this is charity. It is worth mentioning that the Second World Congress of the general assembly is also enthusiastic about the cause of public welfare undertakings in Fuqing were commended. Among them, including Cao Dewang, including 76 companies and individuals were commended. The reporter learned that, since the reform and opening up, Fuqing Province Overseas Chinese and compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao for hometown welfare donated a total amount of up to 1 billion 800 million yuan. From January 2011 to July 2016, donations to public welfare undertakings in Fuqing amounted to 821 million 548 thousand and 100 yuan, of which more than 100 million donations of more than $2. Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee Zang Jiebin said, taking a long time into the land of love, uphold the spirit of return to homeland Township, do a lot of public welfare. "I was doing charitable donations; you as a journalist, wrote the manuscript to help others, you are also doing charity." Cao Dewang as an example, as long as everyone has the heart to help others, which is doing charity." (end)相关的主题文章: