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Boeing’s new patent, before the new aircraft – VTOL can carry 100 of the science and technology Sohu reported Uber plans to launch VTOL VTOL helicopter in the future on the market, now Boeing also joined the ranks! Recently, Boeing has received a new patent: can carry 100 passengers tilt rotor aircraft. The aircraft will be the speed and scope of conventional aircraft and helicopter vertical take-off and landing and the perfect combination of hovering ability. Boeing’s new model, which is the same as the traditional aircraft, has a very low tilt rotor position, so it does not require special crash reinforcement and can be used for landing on water. In addition, it can carry fuel in the wing fuel tank, can take off from the traditional airport. Its engine is fixed, which simplifies the system and reduces the weight of the wing, and improve the ability to ground clearance and payload. Boeing VTOL aircraft in the military field has accumulated rich experience, such as the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft and its derivatives. But the existing tilting rotor aircraft are not suitable for civilian use, even for the civilian AugustWestland BA609, one can only carry 6 to 9 passengers, can not meet the large-scale passenger demand to V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft as an example, the model is used on the wing design, the need for a heavy construction the engine designed to give extra support at the same time, to protect the body is not damaged in the fall. This design also makes the aircraft maintenance and fuel supply becomes very difficult, but it can not be landed in the water when not float on water will also bring security problems. In addition, because the wing is too high, if used to store fuel, there is a risk of leakage to the fuselage and engine room. Most of the existing airport runway is designed for low wing aircraft taxiing, loading and unloading of goods, so on the monoplane was a problem. Another problem is the placement of the engine. Most of the tilting rotor will be equipped with two engines, one each on both sides of the tip, through a drive shaft lifting load sharing. In order to be safe, the design of the engine on both sides is usually designed to be two times the actual requirements, in case one of the engine damage does not affect the flight. If the two engines are designed to be interlinked, the two engine specifications will become larger, while the wing also have greater bearing capacity. At present, the new type of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft is only a patent, there is no indication that the aircraft will be used for mass production. (this article is reprinted with permission from the Lei Feng network) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: