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"-" Black Mist mystery comeback villain boss _40 > on the line – Yan Yi wide; > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the TV series "-" yesterday (September 28th) in Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu ornaments) sad to sleep, only to preach the power to Picasso (William Feng ornaments), a solitary figure protects the life reproduction of the original child heart story. With Sakura empty release line, black fog and ice Yan family secret surfaced, Yan Yikuan plays the villain boss Yuan Festival in the evening on the line. In yesterday’s story, the story finally Yingkong Shi Yuan Festival of Cthulhu: The case is entirely cleared. ancient lake dance girl Lian Ji (Bai Bing ornaments) love at first sight, with the only remaining a soul turned into Huoyi (Hu Bing ornaments) and the continuation of life, now hidden lotus flowering has nearly, the three most powerful rampages will once again set off a storm city. Recently, a "-" the official micro-blog exposed a group of Yan Yikuan’s confusius offering stills, black armor, slim robes, break wall dimension values Yan people for the perfect reproduction of the dark gods imagination. Many users a message: "I was convinced the yen value", "Sakura empty release such a high value that Yan parents genes will be wrong". In the original version, although Yuan Festival is Lian Ji (Kim Hee Sun), but after the adaptation by the role Yan Yikuan plays are popular audience certainly is more curious how fun and Lian Ji Yuan Festival "-" the fate of the game. Sakura empty release of death represents the castle is about to embark on the imaginary snow mountain to seek the hidden lotus trip, and how to control the Yuan Festival will become a major part of the "city of fantasy". It is reported that in the next story, squad members of Picasso and hero alliance on the imaginary snow god mountain tour, Picasso and Yuan Festival contest is about to start, win glory in battle of the twists and turns, exciting murderous ambush. "I want to live, with the release of power for three peace, no regrets of the oath, and more exciting contest, please continue to focus on the 22:00 Hunan TV tonight.相关的主题文章: