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"Binnn" box office movies and TV series Bible comprehensive ebb "Binnn" stills "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on August 23rd (author: Pamela McClintock, Lesley Goldberg) jointly produced MGM and Paramount’s "Binnn" (Ben-Hur), released the first weekend has flopped at the box office, other similar theme films and TV dramas all kinds of trouble. In August 19th 21, three days, the Russian director Timur · Bekmambetov’s "Ben Hur, in the United States only got worse $11 million 200 thousand at the box office, although the film production costs up to $100 million. The film is based on Liao ·, a classic novel by Wallace in 1880, rather than a film adapted from Oscar’s name in 1959. In "Binnn" in this film, MGM is responsible for 80% of the investment, paramount is responsible for 20% of the investment. The movie is a box office failure is also reminiscent of Ridley · Scott, directed by Christian · and the gods of Pharaoh starring Baer "(Exodus: Gods and Kings), the Bible theme of the epic film released in December 2014, but in the opening weekend of only $24 million 100 thousand, the final box office is only $65 million although the film in the overseas, got $203 million 200 thousand, but with the cost of making $140 million compared to $268 million 200 thousand of the total box office for the film suffered a defeat at the box office. Darren · Aronofsky’s "Noah’s Ark" (Noah) at the box office is slightly better, the film made $362 million 600 thousand world-wide, but how important this still not victory, but during the release in the film, paramount had to interpret the film on the Bible stories and has been a lot of criticism. "A lot of the time, when you to market a movie, you will try to make this film to meet all the people, both the Bible stories and events in movies, but so that you may become neither fish nor fowl." The box office analyst Geoff Burke said ·. "The theme of the Bible story must have a certain audience, this will motivate the film company to continue filming this movie theme, but with other types of films, now this movie is in a downward trend. Whether it is "Noah’s Ark", "Pharaoh and the gods" or "Binnn", they are scrambling to enter the large arena, but the final encounter is a ‘massacre’." Geoff Burke added ·. Compared with the film, there is not much difference between the biblical drama. Although the 10 part Mini Series "Bible History Channel" (The Bible) broke the ratings, the average number of ratings per set to 14 million, but then the NBC TV station to create the "ad:" the Bible (A.D. The Bible Continues continued), but only in the!相关的主题文章: