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Beijing population survey began to enter the household registration information is expected to investigate the registration of 600 thousand people – China network today is the first day of sampling survey, can ask you a few questions?" November 1st, Beijing officially began the 2016 annual population survey. Investigators will wear a survey certificate, handheld electronic terminal equipment (PDA), household survey household name, residence registration address, employment and other personal information. The number of registered persons is expected to be 600 thousand. In 10 minutes to complete a survey in November 1st 11 in the morning, investigators came to Dongcheng District Xin Temple alley No. 25 Gate community survey. "Today is the first day of household survey, can I ask you a few questions?" Jia Yan, a researcher in the census and Statistics Bureau, asked Ms. iPad, who had a PDA in her hand. Ms. Han agreed, Jia Yan recorded with PDA household information, the entire investigation time of less than 10 minutes. However, Ms. Han’s nephew to stay here, but Ms. Han did not remember clearly the specific information, investigators said that night will come back. According to Jia Yan introduction, the general household survey time is 5 to 10 minutes, but if they do not cooperate with the understanding of the situation, and residents need patient explanation, sometimes a to two or three times; nobody home, leave a note notice on the door. When pre diagnostic on residential tenants of basic understanding, general work day is to have the family retirement survey, most of the remainder will be conducted in the evening or weekend." It is understood that the Beijing municipal population sampling survey samples involving a total of 1162 communities in 16 districts (neighborhood) village, which is a national sample of 154 community (Village) committee, 154 district survey; Beijing sample of 1008 community (Village) committee, 2003 District survey. The survey is expected to register the number of 600 thousand people, of which about 30 thousand people in the national sample. According to the arrangement, will be completed in November 15th registration. Investigation of the content of the employment of 19 household information, such as the investigation of the information to the tenants Ms. Jia Yan asked her name, birthday, education and other information. It is understood that the Beijing 2016 annual population survey of the contents of the contents of the project is completed by the user and according to the project. A total of 5 items were completed by the user, including the number of households, households, should be registered in the number of households, the family from November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015, the birth and death of the population. Rural areas also need to fill in the relevant indicators of agricultural production and operation. To fill a total of 19 projects, including name, gender, relationship with householder, date of birth, address, registration of the survey point of residence address, leaving the employment situation of the household registration and other personal information. Daily economic news reporter noted that Jia Yan also asked the work of Han’s nephew is usually working to take the traffic situation and the use of time. Dongcheng District Bureau of Statistics Bureau of the office of the relevant staff, this is in order to understand the status of their residential work, the two are consistent, whether the separation of duty. Through the investigation to understand the situation, with the total population, the structure of Lu相关的主题文章: