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Be implicated in the pound? Offshore RMB hit a new low of nine months when the pound fell, while the offshore renminbi market has also been implicated. Offshore renminbi (CNH), following the dollar fell below 6.7 yesterday, today fell to a record low of $6.7182 in early trading, a record low of 9 months, compared with yesterday fell by more than 100 points, down by 0.14%. During the early days of the pound against the U.S. dollar suddenly flash collapse, some dealers offer fell more than 10%. The flash crash also affected other markets in the Asian session, the S & P 500 futures edged down 0.2%, most Asian stock markets. Due to the recently announced U.S. services PMI hit a new high this year, and the market is expected to announce on Friday the U.S. employment data may be ideal, increase the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates during the year, Fed officials also released a hawkish speech, superposition of the sharp fall in sterling pulling, the dollar index Rose 1% to two, was ascribed to 97 points at the top. The euro and the yen were down, taking advantage of the RMB adjustment, but the adjustment is small compared with other currencies. As the National Day holiday did not open, the CNH and CNY exchange rate in early trading was extended to about 430 points, to 4 month high. However, some analysts believe that China’s basic economic fundamentals remain normal, in August exports, retail, industrial production rebounded, showing steady economic good. Foreign exchange reserves declined significantly faster rate, the RMB exchange rate can be supported. Even if CNH briefly fell below 6.7, but will not deviate too far. Safe data show a Chinese Friday morning at the end of 9 foreign exchange reserves fell $18 billion 800 million, to 3 trillion and 166 billion 380 million, for the three consecutive month of decline, fell to its lowest level in nearly 5 years. Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" HSBC quoted foreign exchange analyst Wang Ju said that in September foreign reserves change still depends on the dollar, if the dollar index fell to the valuation has a positive role in boosting the hedge to cope with the outflow of capital consumed by foreign exchange reserves. RMB trading news included, Reuters quoted the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deputy director of the Asia Pacific Department Markus Rodlauer said on Thursday that Chinese toward the implementation of the floating exchange rate system can continue to progress, and will not bring significant interference on the exchange rate of rmb. Rodlauer said at a press conference that the Chinese authorities in the past to guide the exchange rate mechanism out of the hard peg to the dollar, while avoiding the speculative bubble is very skilled". When asked whether he expects the renminbi devaluation again, he said: "the future of the RMB exchange rate will fluctuate, but I think it should be expected, they will successfully complete the transition gradually, but does not have that kind of shock you said." More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: