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Baron Chen will be the girlfriend? Fans: Oolong events without entertainment channel — get excited over a little thing, yesterday, micro-blog a "topic topic into the Baron Chen secret meeting over his girlfriend" topped the list of topics within the page exposure photo, netizens creepshots, suspected Baron Chen man and several companion talk, intimate manner, caused by thermal network on the moment, many users began to private life a man less deep grilled circle, also the netizen said: calm a single master everyday what get excited over a little thing! But the fans said: with such a blurred picture, which eye is Baron Chen himself? Then, there are users quickly restored: the first broke the news event antecedents and consequences from a micro-blog eight large, the first exposure of a group of friends fuzzy screenshots, screenshots, suspected users encounter Baron Chen photographed with a young woman will, then, the size is more than a man and then exposed the night with Baron Chen suspected. Play pictures, animated scenes. This topic immediately caused a heated online debate, many micro-blog V have been forwarded to follow suit, some gossip account is the start of the check and comparison: "every time Wang Sicong travel around with his girlfriend in knots, compared to background more powerful Baron Chen is quite low-key." But most users still sensible comments said: "where there is a gossip event to the wind sways grass entertainment stars who pull a blurred picture, who is Baron Chen?" More friends and fans said: if it is really calm, he is so handsome and unmarried, normal friends have any fuss?" Baron Chen China from Taipei, is Taiwan’s famous film and television actor, has starred in "buddy", "I love you" decreed by fate and other popular drama, because of the reality show "special partner" by the mainland audience favorite, Baron Chen’s father is the spiritual leader of Taiwan bamboo union Chen Qili, his grandfather was the court judge for the court, grandmother the clerk, is a real noble family background is strong, the impact of family factors, Baron Chen "good Wen Shanwu", the audience is quite good, the Oolong event, there are a lot of friends with him compared with Wang Sicong, have joked: North and South Chu chung. But the fans will be behind Baron Chen said: Wang Sicong’s group "harem group", and the master just about a normal, for comparison. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: