Baidu Sogou once again open the other side of the infringement of the patent infringement actv

Baidu Sogou re tear tell each other of the input method of patent infringement accusing each other of patent infringement of Baidu Sogou input method again tore Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) JINGWAH input method between Baidu and Sogou input method on the infringement dispute again cited concern. On Friday, Baidu said, has been formally to the Beijing intellectual property court Sogou infringement, the indictment said "Sogou Pinyin input method" and "Sogou input method for mobile phone" infringing Baidu input method 10 technology patents, for the amount of compensation 100 million yuan sogou. According to Baidu’s indictment, Baidu sued the 10 patent infringement is a Sogou input method product, covering expression input and Thesaurus user input often involves Lenovo, personalization, synchronous input modification etc., Baidu will provide the Sogou claims 100 million yuan. The two sides of the "grudge" began in 2014, when Baidu Sogou traffic hijacking incident prosecution is the cause of micro-blog, Sogou, users in the Baidu search using text input Sogou input method engine, click on the search of candidate words will jump to the Sogou search page. October 2015, Beijing, Haidian court of first instance decision Sogou input act as an act of unfair competition, so that immediately stop the relevant violations and compensation for the loss of 500 thousand yuan Baidu. In October 2015, Sogou filed 8 patent infringement lawsuit to intellectual property court in Beijing, alleged that Baidu’s Baidu input method "products violated by Sogou input method has technology related patents, for a total of 80 million yuan. By November, Sogou respectively to the Beijing intellectual property court, Shanghai intellectual property court and the Supreme People’s Court of Shanghai then filed 9 patent infringement lawsuit, alleging that Baidu input method of patent infringement of their right, and made 180 million yuan in compensation request. Baidu said, Sogou sued Baidu input method of infringement of 17 patents, of which 14 cases have been ineffective results, the 14 of the 8 patents are invalid or partially invalid. For the prosecution of Baidu, Sogou responded that, as of now, Sogou did not receive any material related to this lawsuit or court notice. At the same time said Sogou, Baidu filed before the State Intellectual Property Office of the patent application, the State Intellectual Property Office has been on the part of the patent to make a clear judgment, judge called "a Chinese thesaurus update system and method" in the Chinese input method in the order of reply candidate words "method and system" a user in intelligent word input method and an input method system "and called" a process to remove information input method and device "patent is Sogou company’s valid patent infringement alleged Baidu input method. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: