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Baby to drink milk easy to get angry, how to give the baby a goal? Sohu maternal infant milk powder to eat how to do? Many parents have this problem. As we all know, the baby will not get angry, drink milk, but also the safest and most healthy, so that mothers as much as possible breastfeeding. Milk fed baby more or less will present the appearance of the fire, according to the Constitution and the formula of the selected milk, the degree of fire is not the same. The greatest gift is stool dry, gum and more, will bring great pain to the baby. Mother’s milk powder on this question also has many questions, in this paper, small series for us to inventory, baby eat milk powder common questions. Q1: what to eat baby milk powder does not get angry answer: in general, the baby milk powder may be presented with a lit appearance, which is related to the baby’s physical and feeding methods. Severely in accordance with the share of milk powder, should not be too strong, in the two meals between milk powder feeding baby some water, can be useful to prevent the baby to eat milk powder lit. Q2: baby drink goat milk powder will get angry? Answer: the baby’s gastrointestinal system is not fully developed, and the baby’s growth and development is very agile, the need to eat a lot of food in the body, and then lead to a heavier burden on his digestive tract. The general use of milk formula fed babies, the main foods — milk powder milk shortage in the assistance of digestive ingredients. Thus, when the nutrients are not completely digested and absorbed in the intestinal accumulation, it will lead to fire. The goat milk is made by goats’milk nutrients, and milk powder is similar to that when the baby in nutrient supplement, sheep milk is also a good choice, because close to breast milk, and stay in the stomach in a relatively short time, so it is not easy to get angry, which is rich in a variety of nutrient elements have great effect on the baby up. Q3: drink milk powder baby how to do? Answer: drink plenty of water, do not replace with fruit juice, milk powder is also a little bubble, milk powder selection is not hot. The first investigation of a period of time, if the baby is still not improve the situation, then advocate for milk powder. Appropriate to add some milk companion, clear fire Bao, improved diet, usually the baby to eat some fruit recipes such as fire. At the same time, it may be appropriate to add complementary, best spinach, cabbage, green vegetables, shepherd’s purse, chopped, add rice porridge with boiled, cooked porridge to eat baby. Vegetables contain a lot of food residue, such as cellulose, can promote intestinal peristalsis, the intention to reach defecation. Q4: how to prevent the baby drink milk powder? 1, in the morning a cup of boiling water for the baby to drink milk from mothers, should be the first to do preventive work, therefore, in the morning after waking up, can give your baby to drink a cup of warm white boiling water, can help clean up the garbage in the baby’s stomach, eliminate toxins in the body to prevent the baby from the baby. And in peacetime, mothers have to give the baby drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables. 2, to milk by adding appropriate amount of glucose to prevent the baby to drink milk lit, Mommy can also be in the process of making milk for the baby, adding glucose to milk, which can help prevent baby lit and promote digestion.相关的主题文章: