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Baby do not like what kind of mother? Do you have a mother – Sohu compared to their own children with other children? Have not only let her students as friends? There is no care about? If there is, then you are not a good mother, it will affect the child’s physical and mental development. 1 "jealousy" — the old aunt asked parents, or mother? The fast pace of urban life make many women increasingly busy, busy work they choose to entrust the child’s daily care to nurse, or even a week only part of the mother and the children see. But when they found the child is very dependent on the nanny, and not jealous, so often in front of the children about their nannies, or from time to time to make a choice: child mother, aunt or pro? There is a foreign white-collar workers, because the son too sticky for a series of four nannies, nanny to compete for children emotional ownership, it was the four year old son has no sense of security, to be timid and overcautious. Point of view: the nanny can substitute mother to do, in the role of child growth stage. No matter how busy your mother is, you should make sure you get on with your child for 45 minutes a day. At this point, the mother should turn off the phone, put the busy work aside for a while, immersed in the child to provide you with the pure environment. You know, parent-child interaction is not only beneficial to the child, the mother is also a beneficiary, it allows you to experience the mask off, the color of the people show happiness. 2 "vanity" — said children as well as next child mothers could not escape the vicious circle of competition nine out of ten, from a child who is good-looking, tall, to the children who can recite the Tang Song Yuan; from children who had 8 piano, to the children who have been to Japan calligraphy exhibition…… Mothers together bite after the ear, after the exchange of experience, come back to see their own ordinary children, not Jihuo, ramble. Point of view: it can be said that love comparisons mother has a Wang feng-f infatuation, precisely because of the unrealistic expectations of children, she will always want a cut above others. However, this side of the fight against the child’s habits, fundamentally speaking, is slowly destroying the child’s self-confidence. You know, children’s growth dynamic, in the mind constantly make self affirmation, lack of confidence of the child will eventually become improperly belittle oneself, mediocrity. In addition, the comparison caused by demanding also makes young children lack of security. Children under the age of 4, if you always listen to my mother said that he is not as good as a neighbor’s child, their psychological pressure will increase, so there will be abandoned panic. When the child grew, even not aware of their mother, mother can’t abandon yourself, upward momentum will disappear, this time the child will become tired, even numb, any criticism can’t touch him. Some children will be like Maria Tung, irony of his mother’s mother is not as good as some of the students learned. 3 "excessive vigilance" – always said that this is not allowed, it is also dangerous and sensitive nature of the mother of many things in life will be particularly vigilant, and therefore相关的主题文章: