Allen team debut TV Festival lead quality war drama new

"Allen" team debut TV Festival lead quality "drama of the war to the new Tencent entertainment news recently, produced by Dalian Wuzhou Television Ltd., golden mabole Asian film culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Dalian Wuzhou Film Co. Ltd., Nanjing Bo Wang film investment fund companies (limited partnership), as a satellite media Limited by Share Ltd jointly produced, Chen Dongdong as a producer, directed by famous director Ceng Xiaoxin, Qi Jianyong served as action director, screenwriter Li Guoxin, starring by Yuan Wenkang, Yang Zimo, Xu Yaoxuan, Wang Junpeng, Qi Jiu, Huang Zhou Meng, Zhou Xiang, Wang Zhigang, Bian Hui, Wang Pin, Ceng Yixuan, Wang Wensi, Zheng Xiaoning, Zuo Xiaoqing co star, Jiantao Hong, Yao Gang, Liu Tao and other guest star the" big 2 "of the" hero Phineas Phineas corps "unveiled the 2016 Beijing TV festival, Excellent cast and excellent production of the industry in front of a bright, by the major TV stations of all ages. The play is now up smoothly. Flames of war of faith in the "big 2" of the "hero Phineas Phineas corps" in the background of the coalition war, tells the story of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party against the side of Japanese, a battle of wits story. The hero Liang Fei (Yuan Wenkang ornaments) because repeatedly destroyed the Japanese plan to let the Japanese army stationed in Ji’nan, the top Purist Thunderwrath, set up a special operations team and Liang Fei and wugongdui. In the face of the enemy’s arrogance, Liang Fei convened to set up a "a person of noble aspirations, Phineas clan, the two sides of the battle triggered at any moment. The hero Liang Fei’s revolutionary consciousness is because the Japanese will own brutally razed to the ground, so the rage of a murder, adding wugongdui. Liang Fei after the storm, is no longer the impulse to fight stubborn, small home alone, he grew up in the battle, and revolutionaries joint Corps Corps troops fought and took the lead, and the miners, hand enemies, in blood and swirling flames of war in their firm belief of revolution. Lead the "texture" of war drama fresh to say the war drama belongs to the "big woods, what are birds", we can see the fight the enemy’s independent regiment soaring pride, you can also see the "crotch hidden mine", "grenade aircraft" shocking scene. "Phineas corps" the "two two" line in this case: no joking, legend, down-to-earth, truly heroic. The country hates an enemy, the cruelty of war, reflecting on wars, comrades sacrificed the tragic tragic, also hand enemies praise the play fully and delightfully, revolutionary soldier, heroic fighting spirit, leading the "texture" of war drama new blood passionate attitude to the wind. Ceng Xiaoxin, director of the drama, said: "forget the history of the nation has no future, forget is tantamount to betrayal. Today we would like to thank the peace and prosperity for the new Chinese dedicated to the hero predecessors, we hope that through the "Phineas corps" said our reverence for martyrs. At the same time also want to take this drama will be the enthusiasm of the blood to each person."相关的主题文章: