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All closed cut retired public three bonus   each year will save 870 million – Channel – Taiwan on 9 September, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Taiwan authorities premier Lin yesterday finalized, the Spring Festival next year will be canceled some retired civil and teaching personnel section three condolences to Kim, retaining only the craft, the workers and the monthly return 25 thousand yuan (NT, the same below) following the retirement service can continue to receive, after receiving system reform to reduce the number of 48173 people, the payment amount reduced to 290 million yuan, the annual savings of 870 million yuan. In the part of planning content, Lin said, retired teachers and civil servants section three condolences principle CF year-end condolence gold standard, the income of less than $25 thousand to continue to remain intact, and the workers, are paid in full, regardless of whether the income of 25 thousand yuan in the following, technicians, workers still lump. The three day condolences to meet the following conditions for blonde to retired civil servants, teachers and administrative staff, retirees aged 60, served for 25 years and over 55 years old, did not have the ability to work and retirement organs in accordance with the original retirement care matters have been listed as the object of care. After the new system on the road next year, retired civil servants receive the number reduced from 88 thousand and 88 to 13 thousand and 489, funds from 470 million yuan down to 81 million yuan; the number of retired personnel to receive education is reduced from 82 thousand and 395 to 924, funds decreased from 480 million yuan to 5 million 540 thousand yuan; government personnel shall receive all 265 people, save 1 million 580 thousand. As for military personnel, the DPP Secretary General Wu Bing? Said, decided by the leaders of the Taiwan region. The new rules from the beginning of the Spring Festival next year, this year’s upcoming Mid Autumn Festival will not be affected. Three condolences to gold, a 2000 yuan, a total of 6000 yuan in the three quarter. In addition, "said the Executive Yuan" personnel department before the army retired personnel year-end condolence payment standard like last year, still maintained the benchmark monthly pension amount is 25 thousand yuan, about 124 thousand people, for 1 and a half months of year-end condolence payments. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: