After the smoke used car electricity providers to fight is the certification of trust and

The smoke after   the fight is the second-hand car business trust and certification service system — car — original title: smoke after the second-hand car business fight is the authentication trust and service system China automobile association data shows that the first half of the second-hand car trading volume in 2016 of 4 million 774 thousand, an increase of 3.6%, the data is plump, but the reality is the huge contrast between market demand and the actual volume, saying that "to see more, buy less". At this stage the consumer for the second-hand car purchase is still in the "test the water" stage, consumers are interested in the second-hand car, but the real shot is not much, the reason is to a large extent by the second-hand car vehicle certification loss of integrity and customer service service imperfect. A few years ago the Internet wave blew into the traditional second-hand car industry, and for the deep calm on the surface, but the undercurrent of traditional industry blowing a breath of fresh air, although there are signs that the second-hand car business capital of winter has passed, but the second-hand car business is still facing access standards, testing standards, maintenance service system other obstacles. Looking for high quality car source, build a trusted authentication service, using data to buy vehicles and users, more efficient use of financial services, expand the user’s payment, this is the second-hand car electricity supplier universal value, it seems that the future of the second-hand car electricity supplier factory bacteria fight is ultimately efficient service processes and authentication and trust system. This year the industry questioned on the second-hand car business has never stopped, the objective that second-hand car business is still in the market cultivation stage, although the electricity supplier is currently only accounted for about 10% share of the second-hand car trading, but the second-hand car market incremental track, second-hand car business growth space is still full of opportunities. How to build efficient vehicle certification and service process at this stage has been a curious place to shop from second-hand car electricity supplier, in order to solve has been doubt about the success of the workshop were excellent letter of second-hand car CEO Peng Weilian, then you know… What? You heard of "excellent letter second-hand car? Well, you must have read the article" on the last letter and second-hand car "the magic of advertising, just 60 seconds, but in the area of Internet social whipped up a whirlwind. You tell me, remember! The three main business today talk second-hand car B2C excellent letter group by excellent letter shoot excellent letter, second-hand car, excellent letter data of three major business segments, excellent letter shot is mainly used car auction platform B2B, to help provide trading services to wholesale distributors and need to build demand stock dealer. Excellent letter data, is based on the second-hand car market derivatives services. We want to talk about today’s excellent letter of second-hand car, the B2C business model to provide second-hand car link consulting, purchase and customer service and other services for consumers, and it also plans to buy second-hand car business the most ordinary consumers contact. The second-hand car market situation of supply shortage and lack of quality service processes the next 5-10 years of second-hand car market supply will gradually increase, the user will also change the frequency Chinese faster, data display Chinese consumers have to buy second-hand car from 2010 interest)相关的主题文章: