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Households received Tengfang notice death Court: no physical contact – Sohu news September 1, 2016, Kaifu District Court of Hunan province Changsha two bailiffs to the Liao Jianming post Tengfang notice, ill Liao Jianming fell in with the bailiff after a dispute, after the hospital died — this day, there are 14 days away from the Liao Jianming’s 60 birthday. Liao Jianming’s wife Li Jinhuang to surging news () to reflect, after the death of her husband, the body was a man dressed in police uniforms from the ward away". In September 23rd, surging news seen in the Liao, has furnished 22 days of mourning, neither the body nor the casket. Li Jinhuang told the surging news, she repeatedly with the official negotiations, hoping to hold the body home, after the funeral and cremation, but was told to the funeral home must be cremated, can only take away the ashes". On September 14th snatching questioned, surnamed Li, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of Kaifu District on surging news that Liao Jianming remains were escorted to the funeral home, family members are present, there is no "snatching". Li Jinhuang said the news of surging, the Hunan provincial government on the question of administrative reconsideration decision the endorsement of the book has not come out, Changsha City Intermediate People’s Court refused to suspend proceedings against Li Jinhuang for the revocation of Kaifu District Land Bureau "a Teng decision" made "the case upheld the verdict, enforce Tengfang" verdict. In this regard, vice minister surnamed Li said, Liao house demolition, the provincial government has the endorsement, the district government, the District Land Resources Bureau also go the judicial process, there is no illegal. After a dispute with bailiffs attack big Tang Ji community building. September 1st morning, Liao Jianming and his wife, as usual, get up, buy food. The day before, working far away in Suzhou, the only daughter of Liao Qian home, the couple specifically added a few dishes. Noon meal, Mrs. Liao Jianming sat at the door to chat as usual. At 12:49, Kaifu District Court bailiff Lee, pingmou drive stopped at Liao Jianming’s house. Lee introduced himself and produced a stamped Kaifu District Court seal "Tengfang notice", and inform: in accordance with the relevant requirements, notice to be posted on the walls of houses in liao. Kaifu District Court to surging news broadcast a period of 28 minutes long video display: several law enforcement recorder bailiff posted Tengfang "notice", Li Jinhuang and bailiff play Liao Jianming two times oral argument, stop the bailiff. The bailiff of Liao Jianming stated, "you don’t do it, it is assaulting a police officer". Day 12:59, Liao Jianming back to the seat, looked tired, showing weakness. 1 in the afternoon, Li Jinhuang gave Liao Jianming head massage, a few minutes later, out of the room from the ventilator, after the use of breathing machine to help breathing. Meanwhile, Li Jinhuang dial 110 and 120. 1:16, 110 and 120 have arrived at the scene. Xiangya Hospital of Central South University on September 1st at 4:23 in the afternoon of the medical records: patients (Liao Jianming) 3 hours ago and people quarrel, then sudden consciousness, mouth flow phlegm, gradually call not, rushed to the local hospital, head CT showed left basal ganglia large hematoma, brain hernia formation. Medical records also show that liao.相关的主题文章: