After the bubble burst property buyers will be miserable jinshen

After the bubble burst of buyers will be more miserable the opinion leaders of sina finance column (WeChat public kopleader) column after writer Huang Zhilong a sharp drop in prices of bank debt will not disappear due to mortgage real estate auction after. Advise the buyers and investors in a bubble Dance: bubble early, please embrace the bubble, the bubble top and accelerating to catch the influx of national funds to speed up, please stay away from the bubble. The bubble burst after the purchase will be more miserable this summer, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shanghai city "the most expensive land" frequent, Shanghai’s most crazy — a day in August 18th three the most expensive land. Some media said in awe, the real estate market and the land has become the core of the city, the capital of the hunting field. In the current domestic and international economic situation, the real estate market will continue to frequent the most expensive land? Housing prices will continue to maintain the trend? Welcome to the, say your point of view! Since this year, crazy influx of funds in real estate market, the phenomenon of the most expensive land and house prices have soared by first-tier cities to accelerate the spread of second tier city, individual mortgage loans contributed almost all of the new bank loans, everyone on the Chinese prices are full of confidence, the previous real estate bubble and this phenomenon in the history of the world economy are similar. Crazy admission of investors and consumers are considered the core city prices hell-bent — long term "permanent rise". Behind the support of this belief, the reason is nothing more than monetary super, scarce resources in the first tier cities, revenue continued to rise, the core of the city’s real estate investment attributes stronger, China’s real estate market exception theory, etc.. However, is this really the case? Core city prices rising forever six reasons set up? Over the past ten years, China’s core city house prices rose more than ten times in general, is currently in a hurry to catch up with the top stage. Investors over the past ten years based on historical experience, determined to continue to see more of the core city housing prices, the grounds include the following six aspects. However, think carefully, these reasons with Tokyo, New York, London, Hongkong and other global center city price bubble and bust is similar. One is currency super hair. Needless to say, the currency is a key factor in the rise of China’s housing prices, as of July this year, China’s M2 balance of 149 trillion yuan, M2 growth rate of GDP growth of about 4-5 percentage points. It is worth noting that Tokyo’s 1986-1991 price rises accelerated period, Japan’s M2 growth rate of around 9%-13.5%, higher than the same period in Japan GDP growth of about 4-8 percentage points; the rise in the price of the fastest 2002-2007 years, M2 growth rate is also higher than the historical average, higher than the GDP growth rate of 3-4 percentage points (see below). Thus, in any real estate bubble in the process of excess liquidity and excess money must go hand-in-hand, once the expected reversal, the bubble burst, liquidity will be frozen, even if the central bank to take the zero interest rate policy, money supply will continue to slump. Two core cities are scarce resources. In fact, not only相关的主题文章: