Adult video step seduction guy repeatedly recharge cheated million yuan in Beijing aapt.exe

Adult video step seduction guy repeatedly recharge cheated million – Beijing inadvertently browse the Internet to the so-called "adult video" fantasy Nanjing guy Lee, in order to see the wonderful "content", be a liar to recharge membership, activate the account and browse protection and other excuses step by step to dig a trap. According to Xiao Li said, in fact, in the crook asked third times to pay the fee when, they have realized that may fall into the trap of fraud, but has invested a lot of money, Mike was finally abandoned in a nice hobble about "believe liar", does not return the trap, eventually cheated 10 thousand yuan. Yangzi Evening News reporter Ji Yuxuan correspondent Yu Xuan Zhou Xinrui beauty video broadcast only a minute to recharge the morning of September 20th 10, the people of Nanjing Li people at home Internet browsing news website, accidentally point into a website, there are pieces of sexy photos. The page prompts the need to register an account for browsing pictures and network and beauty chat function, Mike temptation is registered an account, enter into the studio, Mike saw a scantily clad woman is "live. According to Xiao Li said, the beautiful woman in the video sound sweet, facing the screen play, but video playing less than 1 minutes suddenly black screen, then jumped out of the page display a message: if you want to watch more "exciting" video, you need to recharge membership account, with the account upgrade, even with a female anchor member on a separate "video chat". Aware of the connotation of Li immediately recharge 300 yuan WeChat became a member of the package. After that, the video is played for a minute or so to stop again, pop-up dialog box shows: recharge 600 yuan to activate the account before you can enjoy the video chat, the activation fee will be returned the next day. Xiao Li obediently into the recharge center, recharge 600 yuan. Activate the account after Mike saw wearing thin obviously many anchor, but after a few minutes, good times don’t last long, Li has not hit 3 words, and video into stop stage, the dialog box pop up again: to prevent the anchor leakage of private information, and then asked members to pay 2000 yuan deposit protection course, browse, the other told Xiao Li money will return in the next day. In order to enjoy the special service as soon as possible, Mike turned 2000 yuan in the past. At this point, Li found that there is indeed a refund page interface, but click on the button to determine the refund without any reaction. Li some anxious, immediately contact each other, asked her how to refund. Were trapped after the other lost repeatedly recharge according to Li introduced, in fact I did have some doubts whether caught in the trap of fraud, but because they have to recharge the nearly 3000 yuan in the reality, some do not want to let Xiao Li to doubt this direction. In fact, in the invisible, Mike has fallen into a trap designed liar, liar in the system does not recognize the grounds, Mike asked again to recharge to reach a higher level to complete the refund, and to ensure that the money is the value of "guarantee", in the beautiful anchor video chat, these funds will be refunded. Although some doubts, but the dilemma of Li had no choice but to continue filling.相关的主题文章: