Across the ten cities, the next step forward to meet with you – Sohu car

Ten through the city, the next step look forward to meet with you – Sohu car Little Simba ten city drive Yao · do you trip, from the beginning of October 14th, to the end of November 12th, no matter where the city, Little Simba are without reservation to show their "Yan" "jià"; "value, also harvest praise countless lions fans. Praise the lion? Lion powder powder message from a new generation of 308 is of Little Simba charm, and Dongfeng Peugeot every leader attaches great importance to the ten city drive power to Simba performance, in ten the city drive last station, Dongfeng Peugeot marketing regional marketing support Mr. Li Nanhong, director of the Department of certainly the outstanding performance of a new generation of 308. In the end is what kind of charm to conquer the lion powder? Through so much as you are the most beautiful scenery, from late autumn to early winter, every walk of a city, will enjoy a kind of beauty. Some city four seasons such as spring, pleasant scenery, some city has withered winter habitat, bleak. The shuttle in the different scenery, the same is Little Simba flourishing beauty "yan". The dot matrix grille very sense of rhythm, LED lion eye headlights highlights the profound sense, the Prancing sideways stereo waistline beauty, black diamond type tail across more dynamic, so the high value of the small Yan Simba, the focus is always to become everybody’s eyes. The material, not only the characteristics of delicacy and Little Simba, every city has its unique taste, came to a city, is essential to taste the local delicacy. The delicious taste buds to meet the needs of small Simba "interior we meet the requirements of comfort. Using a unique and innovative Peugeot somatosensory design philosophy to build only i-Cockpit cockpit and double color stitching and material mix, stylish and comfortable, to bring you the most pure quality control. With the strength to speak, is the only way for a party to raise water and soil, each place has its own proud talent, whether or general heroes, men of literature and writing, there is a self-evident sense of pride. The Little Simba’s pride comes from "jià" the value of strength. Equipped with a new generation of 308 1.6THP, 1.2THP 1.6, L CVVT three engines, fuel consumption per hundred kilometers respectively to 6.1L, 5.1L, low 5.9L, high power, low fuel consumption, the lion fans whether drive friends or have a car, are full of praise. The city experienced ten drive, a Little Simba "Yan" and "material" is "jià" the value of all the "new generation as obvious to people, intermediate car hit Walker", a new generation of 308 and look forward to the future with more powder Shi Yao? You bloom on the journey of life!相关的主题文章: