About kindergarten, behind the unknown things! Sohu – sichen

About kindergarten, behind the "unknown" things! Sohu – maternal and child kindergarten the children or parents are a kind of test, most of the children at the age of three after attending nursery will face the problems, and put the baby sent to the kindergarten just beginning, whether children can adapt to nursery life? Children need parents to guide and debugging in the kindergarten and the performance of the mood and so on, so the small family kindergarten in the "unknown" things are sorted out, for the novice parents to learn and share: a child in kindergarten after the psychological characteristics of the kindergarten period, the children’s psychological and changes with the growth of each period show different psychological characteristics, grasp the child psychology, let students, parent-child communication more smoothly, more effective. Body movement development characteristics: the annual height growth of 4 to 5 cm, weight gain of about 1.5 to 2.5 cm, the brain and nervous system development is close to the adult level, more coordinated and stable movement. Fine action is more accurate, you can solve the button, the Department of shoelaces. In short, life self-care ability, enhance the coordination of body movements. The characteristics of language development: vocabulary increase, up to 3000 ~ 4000, with nouns, especially interested in new things and new terms, understanding and application range of words, know the complexity of the orientation relation, can accurately understand the concept of time, such as a day, an hour, afternoon, night etc.. Attention: preschool children to notice for less time: 3 to 4 years old for 10 minutes, 5 to 6 years old in 15 minutes or so, therefore, to preschool curriculum arrangement should give full consideration to the objective law. Characteristics of the development of thinking: children often have a strong sense of curiosity, rich imagination, strong imitation. In the course of the game, children’s thinking and social roles will soon be developed. The development of emotion: behavior is obviously controlled by emotion, preschool children’s emotional experience is rich, it is easy to show in the emotional is not easy to control. Fear and anxiety is the most negative experience, when separated from the family or to a new environment when the mood swings, parents at this time to deal with the child’s crying mood is an important part of building a good character. Two children in kindergarten most prone to the 5 major problems, one can not be ignored! Kindergarten is the first step in the children into society, without the care of the family, the child can adapt to it? What are the most common problems during the kindergarten? Now sorted out for parents reference. Question 1: bieniao and pants have a mother found the child in the kindergarten than on the toilet. From work every day to pick up the children, children with two legs, did not hold. The child said, because the class has a children toilet for too long by the teacher’s "criticism", so she was afraid, would rather not to endure. Bieniao and urine trousers are very common in the kindergarten, the children of the kindergarten, the teacher must be responsible. However, there are so many children in the kindergarten, the teacher does not care about the situation is also. This requires parents to find children!相关的主题文章: