ABC kids new fan word days! Gods and goddesses to kiss

ABC KIDS "new fan": Word days! Gods and goddesses to kiss? Are you scared of the title? Don’t worry, and listen to me slowly way ~ things are like this: the theme of this period is classic, so the big squad leader asked Zhao: in the eyes of each mentor, what song can be called a classic? Cao Jinghao: I think it’s song "goodbye" Joi Tsai: I actually thought is "t so… Nani…? Why is my God Goddess to kiss? Big monitor, you’re going to do something! OK ~ gossip over said this program for the first time back to the goddess mentor Barbara is beauty sweet song sung perfect opening song with us back classic remember brother "I" do a stubborn, brave and soulful songs of Hu Fengming in his own way of singing his own "I" I have new Hu Fengming the second quarter of the tenth so-called fan classics, is again and was widely sung "mother’s Day" should be regarded as the classic of classics are often heard, tears of candlelighting Liu Yuanhao – new fan second quarter tenth boys to a certain age would not be so stuck but my heart thanked her mother and did not express love lyrics in every one of his mother’s call is so sincere voice touched the scene of every audience and mentor a classic, not only tears and joy Laugh and dance to the interpretation of this classic song "ABC KIDS" for the first time a new fan enabled Choir for our small players with Singing In The and Rain Fang Yingxin; Dani al · multi Kun; Xu Yifei fan second quarter of the tenth new songs of joy rang everybody was singing up I’m singing in the rainJust singing in the rain who don’t want to dance in the rain. Every age has its own classic songs which song you love most? Hope that the future will have more classic songs sung by children one by one相关的主题文章: