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A yellow on it? Real Madrid against Dortmund can break the curse – Beijing – reporter Wei Ruotao as the second round of the Champions League group phase the most strong dialogue on, Real Madrid and Dortmund will start at 2:45 tomorrow morning fighting. Two giants had repeatedly played in the Champions League, called old rivals. The Real Madrid coach Zidane and the "thigh" C Luo exposed by the media, not sound, while Dortmund took the opportunity to ridicule, said: "Real Madrid are now not only civil strife foreign aggression, and they wear the yellow jersey and the team scores are not." After Real Madrid in La Liga with Villarreal, two results are poor Palmas, two main colors are yellow uniforms, coincidentally, the "hornet" of the Dortmund traditional shirt is yellow. Zidane and C Luo’s discord, in Real Madrid and Lars Palmas was a war. At that time, Real Madrid 2 to 1 lead, Zidane decided to change the C Luo in advance, which makes C Luo very unhappy. He leave the stern, and Zidane on the sidelines just barely touch hand, didn’t even see the face. Spain’s daily sports news reported that after the game in the locker room C Luo Zidane angry, he was in front of the team’s face, Chung Zidane shouted: I do not understand why you want to change me…… I am disappointed in you." I do not know this scene is really false, but no matter how, at present and in the past Real Madrid is non whirlpool, for Dortmund, this is a good chance to beat the opponent. The performance of the two teams in the Champions League and a contrast group phase the first round, 6 Dortmund 0 rout of Legia Warsaw, Real Madrid 2 to 1 win over the Lisbon athletics, both from the state or the day, Dortmund has the advantage. Another focus is on the Leicester and Oporto. For the first time to participate in the Champions League, "the foxes" on the first Champions League appearances, 3 to 0 victory over the Belgian team Bruges coach Ranieri tune, Leicester city played a very good taste, tomorrow morning against the same technology flow of Oporto, I believe will be a wonderful show. It reminded: 2:45 tomorrow morning (Dortmund VS Real Madrid) CCTV-5 live相关的主题文章: