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A TV variety show "in search of an asteroid named" cited hot friends – Sohu   entertainment; an asteroid named right circle of friends Sohu entertainment news "universal circle of friends, get a decent right asteroid named wild ways." Urgent, online and so on, what is the name of the asteroid to get reliable way, not short of money……" Recently, netizens exposed a TV variety program director of the circle of friends, a lot of people in the industry circle have to heavily looking for formal channels to the asteroid named. For a time, "in search of an asteroid named" has become a hot topic online, triggering widespread discussion on micro-blog, users have to guess the program is to use the name of a program named asteroids, more speculation will be part of the show as the asteroid named right. According to relevant information, to obtain the asteroid naming rights is a channel to be found. The naming right of asteroids is a kind of power that can be nominated by the discoverer and approved by the authority. Currently responsible for the observation of the asteroid data collation and numbering is headquartered in the International Astronomical Union of Harvard University asteroid center. According to the relevant provisions of the recognized discoverer of the asteroid to get a permanent number within 10 years after the mission name. The seriousness, uniqueness and permanence of the naming of the asteroid has given rise to the recognition of the name of an asteroid. This honor is generally granted only to the country’s economic, social, astronomy and other undertakings have made significant contributions to the unit or individual, of course, does not rule out some of the discoverer will be named after their idols. In 2000 an astronomer discovered a later the asteroid 38821, named Brigitte Lin star; in 2001, the Purple Mountain Observatory Chinese Academy staff found that the number of 10930 asteroids, because these astronomers love Jin Yong’s book, named for the Jin Yong star; there are many similar star sign asteroids, such as Tsui Hark, Jay Chou and Yao Beina have their own name the asteroids, most of the sources of their fans. Of course, do not rule out the future there will be a program named after the asteroid, the source of the asteroid named with the same star, which is also a great honor for the program.相关的主题文章: