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A mother’s voice: rich daughter is not rich enough to raise their own! – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! I have been convinced that the nutrient rich and lovely daughter, in order to cultivate her daughter into highly elegant "goddess", three year old let the girl to play the piano at the age of four that she studied painting at the age of five, let her learn Latin dance, she ordered every day half an hour, regularly took her to the concert on Sunday, Western-style food to eat, clothes are all famous brand. Most of the household income is spent to his daughter, the hope to work hard, you will smell the odor of the flowers, but when reading the old daughter love look around, absent-minded also played piano, at the table, his mouth always wrapped in rice, but also to speak loudly, walking love is low head, temper is particularly popular, dynamic not bad temper, sulking. See all this, I could not help but anxiety, anger, and again growled at her, all in front of her nagging, anxious to take my heart out, let her have a good look at her mother, how much hope. That day, when I growled at her daughter again, she threw the book away and said, "what do you have to say about me? Look at yourself, wearing unstylish clothes, never read, loud, angry, nagging, worried all day long. You have no temperament, how can you ask me to become a lady?" Her daughter’s words, let me startled quite a while not words, in order to give her the best education, these years I live frugally, put their needs to throw in the corner, did not dress up appearance, also did not dress up mind, thought into a brilliant, can cultivate a flower, flower is not unexpected, open, began to abandon the earth beneath. Angrily, I went to the mall, the pink skirt bag not willing to buy, and with a pair of nude heels, by the way to the salon dish hair, makeup. Look in the mirror yourself feel confident take on an altogether new aspect, Tuzeng, walk on the way home, will not consciously slowed down, listening to loud honking cars, watching pedestrians hurry, I didn’t like the usual frown curse, but gently hum song. Back home, her daughter and looked at me for a long time, and then, before with a bright smile, she is on my blind. At that moment, I suddenly realized that not only the parents want their children to be beautiful, but also the children want to see their parents. I found this so decided to return to eighteen years old, I at that time, his dress up every day, walking in the street, is a beautiful scenery, why have kids, I will personally ruined the scenery? I also bought a large bag of books, these books, I have always wanted to see, but can not afford to take the time to see. In fact, the daughter of reading, I do not like a contractor like staring at her, I can lie on the sofa, reading my book leisurely. See the humor, smile, have puzzled when Yanjuan thought, with deep feeling, also can pick up the pen, write down a word or two about. Swim in the book sea!相关的主题文章: