A monthly income of ten thousand too high income See how I was forced out of the North Canton – Sohu-christie stevens

A monthly income of ten thousand too high income? See how I was forced out of the north of Guangzhou – financial Sohu who says, life is too in smooth water is not fun, to have a pleasant surprise to interesting people, one is not working for a few years children. Generally speaking, the longer you live, the more will appreciate in smooth water life, because you find that the world is not the wind sways grass, especially what you expect surprises are scared. Recently, a lot of people were scared to death. This is not to raise oil prices can not afford to open the car, not the stock market equity fuse bathing, buy a house purchase is not forced to divorce, they are awakened himself was doing anything into high income. It doesn’t matter if you wear a hat with a high salary. First, the State Council said that the future of high-income groups will be the focus of tax adjustment object, as to how to regulate the specific, the program also has a period of time. Then the 360 real estate mortgage quickly went to check, how much income can be regarded as high-income groups? Specifically, as early as 2006, the State Administration of Taxation requires the implementation of self declaration of tax on high-income earners, one of the standards is the personal income of 120 thousand yuan or more. 2010, the State Administration of Taxation issued a document once again said that the annual income of 120 thousand yuan or more taxpayers to declare their own tax is the legal obligation of taxpayers, is an important measure to strengthen the collection of high-income earners. In other words, the monthly income of ten thousand people can be regarded as high-income groups?! So, in the policy deliberation at the same time, melting 360 mortgage Jun (fangdai123) lying on the bed there was. If living in Beijing, earning 10 thousand dollars a month, minus five social insurance and one housing fund and tax, the remaining seven thousand, food and rent is spent, how operators are struggling in the food and clothing line "moonlight clan", is really too miserable. Far not said, said housing, a master bedroom now just the rings near the subway, on average at least 2500, the entire rent a two bedroom, 7000 is just enough, but if you want to buy a house, the monthly wages just to mortgage…… Such a calculation, the problem comes, the monthly income of ten thousand of people really count for high-income groups? First of all, the monthly income of ten thousand is basically concentrated in the first-tier cities: northward deeper. Then look at the prices of these places, there is no maximum, only higher!!! See first hand wages now we have less than 7500 yuan, to see how this one month rent: according to above, a master bedroom within the rings, at least 2500 yuan per month; pay water, electricity and gas, broadband, cable TV, health management fee of about 300 yuan. Traffic: most of the bus, subway, and occasionally a taxi, such as the weekend, or catch up with rain, snow, overtime very late, the average count of 200 yuan. Eat: for 22 working days: breakfast 5 yuan, lunch $15, dinner cooking, then 15 yuan, a total of $770. Party: for the four weekend: go out to eat and see a movie, according to a weekend of 200 yuan, $800, fruit, supermarket snacks: at least 80 a week bar, take a look at the current fruit yogurt…相关的主题文章: