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90 seconds know bow Jiang Shuying Liu Shishi was able to put out Angela Baby "no offensive taste" [Abstract] bow seems to have magical powers, ten girls nine like it, as a great element of fashion but also dominate a great circle, the girl was almost since birth it is surrounded by small bow hair Ring Ponytail is probably the earliest a fashionable item. That bow is the best representative of the heart of girl, it seems that no matter how magnificent the female man wearing it will bring some lively and adorable, bow the place is more girls can it be too numerous to enumerate, installed in the head, behind, hanging in the package…… To say that one of the most unique gameplay is tied to the neck! This will be the practice of ligation in the neck of the butterfly can not only ensure the woman who brim girl taste, more "sailor suit" depending on the sense that the blessing, this is not because of the recent embolon and frequently take out two more pure hanging "slightly" also invariably wore a butterfly knot! The Qixi Festival felled the male vote depends on it Angelababy only spoil by age bow white shirt collar embroidery bow, let Zheng Shuang seconds back student, puerile and lovely. Xiao Bian first stills thought this bow is P…… Here it is the result of the two dimensional actress grace scored a visitor here at bow, the girls even become a star is still unable to control their own Liye field! In addition to cool girl can harness lovely bow tie, our another slightly more MS Angelababy had slipped, always sweet show people although she has been promoted to the Yellow too, this GUCCI dress bow is big bold and romantic, is still full of girls! Although the bow is a sweet girl princess dream, but it in addition to meet the girl heart there is no other way to play it? Of course not! Followed by the recent entertainment new species "angel attack" to tell you: some people, even wearing a bow can attack you! A simple Chanel sleeveless white shirt to wear basic jeans with white to light color on the thin film and the lip is beautiful, plus a black bow tie is the double stack pressure field, the heroic spirit and gentle! And in the same field of poems is also dressed in red and white plaid jacket CHANEL2016 winter series collocation high waisted trousers, the girl heart bow after black incarnation but let poetry second Liu Yingjun, clever with classical beauty and gentleman temperament, hybridity and wonderful contradictions become Liu Ying jun! Victoria Song also chose to bow shirts, pajamas is texture reflective sense and jeans mix, is Mix a very curious "grandmother of aura. Li Yuchun is a girl "attack" the heart of it, more than once a bow collocation element in the 2017GUCCI spring vacation series fashion show at the conference site, wearing a black cap wearing GUCCI mesh Chris white ruffled shirt bow, the Royal British style Chris acclaimed! These elegant flying show [bow bow] which shares the trend is also reflected in the major show this year, whether it is "2 hearts"相关的主题文章: