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Why fall running sore throat coup teach you control the weather turns cool, but many people did not relax the pace of running, running can let the body become warm and physical fitness, is able to shoot two hawks with one arrow. But there are also a lot of people found that obviously did not catch a cold, running when running to feel sore throat, and sometimes even runny nose. This is why, how to break? The reason of running sore throat these are the following: the body of water in the process of running, the heart rate gradually accelerated, more and more oxygen to breathe oxygen into the nose, and can not meet the needs of the body, mouth breathing has become our instinctive action. However, mouth breathing, will allow air to take away a lot of moisture from the throat, throat and saliva to keep up with the speed of consumption, which leads to the occurrence of dry throat itching symptoms. Too long not to exercise some people do not have the habit of exercise, when no long-term exercise, when the body organs have failed to adapt to the motion, will cause shortness of breath, breathing is not smooth, throat irritation, will naturally cause pain. Exercise intensity is too big if running, speed suddenly accelerated, the heart and lung function is not fully into the working state of high load, heart rate fast, shortness of breath, will lead to respiratory problems. In addition the exercise intensity is the lead a lot of sweat, let the body loss of water, throat thirst, pain is not difficult to understand. The cold air stimulation into late autumn, when sooner or later running, may meet the temperature is below zero. In the process of breathing a lot of cold air into the nasal cavity and oral cavity, and the mouth and nasal cavity itself does not heat up, so the cold air will directly stimulate the trachea, throat. The upper respiratory tract mucous membrane is dry, the secretion is increased, more serious inflammation, thus causes the throat pain, the itching, the cough and so on symptom. How does running sore throat break? Do warm-up exercise before doing anything to do warm-up, you can activate the body muscles, stretch joints, improve heart rate, the body as soon as possible into the state of motion. Running around with the best time to pay a small bottle of water, from time to time for the body to add moisture to sip. In addition, before running, it is best to fill the water. The breathing rhythm if the process of running a sore throat, the first time should slow down, and consciously to inhale exhale, will run in the focus on the breath, listening to their breathing finish. Do not one-sided pursuit of speed if you just start running, it is best to choose jogging. The pace of the jog is easy to control, and the strength is not too high. When you are no longer concerned about their own fast run fast, you can run faster.相关的主题文章: