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The white paper released a new intelligent manufacturing hot – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou in September 20, the information technology industry standards (trainee reporter Intern Chen Lisha Yang Yunyi) 20, 2016 China a new generation of Information Technology Industry Standardization Forum held in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. The forum to "standard, innovation and integration as the theme, to discuss the development trend, a new generation of information technology industry standardization requirements and hot industry standardization work, and released the 2016" a new generation of information technology industry standard series white paper ". In the present "2025 China manufacturing", "Internet plus" boom, the information technology industry has become a new engine to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of information technology standardization plays basic security, promote innovation and leading role. In this forum, the wisdom of the city, many new product traceability technology, sensor technology, a new generation of information technology industry standardization focus content about "4 industry" and "China manufacturing 2025" intelligent manufacturing topics also sparked widespread discussion. Is the direction of future manufacturing development defined by intelligent manufacturing? How to optimize the allocation of resources through the standardization of intelligent manufacturing? Forum participants on the standardization of intelligent manufacturing put forward their own views. "We are using the means and efficiency of industrialization to create personalized products, through the C2M model (that is, the customer to the factory), customized production." The forum, the Group Limited company chairman Zhang Daili introduced the garment manufacturing industry on the Internet Dongfeng intelligent manufacturing industry mode, also hope that through the standardization work to establish common custom clothing technology industrialization. Through the Internet, the customer data is included in the background database, system modeling and intelligent matching, the intelligent manufacturing process to establish the personalized production, thousands of workers to complete the work through computer instruction. This kind of Internet industry mode puts forward higher requirements for the standardization system of intelligent manufacturing. To this end, red collar and China Electronics Standardization Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement, a proxy that the Internet industry can reshape the manufacturing industry in the spring "". In the intelligent manufacturing boom, plays an important role in the smart device industry also hopes to further establish standardization. "Intelligent manufacturing standardization white paper" also published in the forum series of white paper. Virtual reality industry is an emerging industry, whether it is VR hardware or software, the lack of norms and standards, and now many of the standards of software or learn from foreign." Engaged in VR hardware equipment research and Development Co., Ltd., according to Li Zhu, co-founder of the view that the release of intelligent manufacturing standardization white paper is very necessary. In addition to "intelligent manufacturing standard white paper", the forum also released on the visible light communication standardization, standardization, information networking and physical system standardization, standardization of smart home of the white paper, the focus of the current hotspot of standardization, further guidance on the information technology industry. SMIC IC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. chairman Zhou Zixue believes that the establishment of standardized production model can promote the advantages of enterprises to define technology, products相关的主题文章: