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Dunhuang murals tell you: the ancients Festival. In October 9, 2016 the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the double ninth festival. The Double Ninth Festival, and weighing Nine Festival, autumn sun festival. To celebrate the festival usually includes travel tours, climbing mountains, autumn ornamental chrysanthemum, biancha Mastixia, eating double ninth cake, drink chrysanthemum wine and other activities, and new year’s Eve, Tomb-sweeping Day, section three referred to the traditional four China ghost worship festival. Last year the Double Ninth Festival on the eve of the Dunhuang Research Institute of the disclosure of the traditional folk scene a dozen of Dunhuang frescoes in the ancient "Chongyang" involved, including the ancients Chongyang Festival activities in the temple, and gathered in the play, now singing, now dancing, eating double ninth cake, travelling, climbing, picnic, picnic, family reunion, respect for the elderly, the first foreign show the ancients to celebrate this traditional festival. From the beginning, the Dunhuang culture as an important cultural gene [emperor EMPEROR], in September nine Chongyang day for everyone vivid these Dunhuang cultural beauty. (source: Dunhuang Research Institute) Temple together: Mogao Grottoes sixty-first caves of Mount Wutai map with us now to celebrate the national day, Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the ancient festival theme is idle away in seeking pleasure. In ancient times, people love to the temple of the Double Ninth Festival activities, built in the scenic land of the temple, blow, enjoys the chrysanthemum, is very comfortable. The wine feast, folk dance: Mogao Grottoes cave ninety-eighth (five generation) the Double Ninth Festival, in early September nine, while an invigorating autumn climate. The autumn chrysanthemum in full bloom, the ancients are mostly alcohol, and love in the Double Ninth Festival pour a cup of chrysanthemum wine and the ancients. After the meal, but now singing, now dancing. From the beginning of the five generation, the Double Ninth Festival is eating double ninth cake (also known as the "cake") of the customs, the double ninth cake made the cake in riotous with colour, but also sprinkle some sweet osmanthus flower (the double ninth cake also known as Gui Huagao), made the cakes, sweet and delicious. Family: Mogao Grottoes Buddha cave 323rd (early) and Buddhist historical painting Chinese Ying Tong Xuan stone into the temple to a festival, in addition to friends and family, the first prerequisite is of course, the same day, the Double Ninth Festival is also a family reunion. Have faith China will choose collective worship of the ancients, family reunion. Mogao Grottoes in the south wall of the 323rd cave of the Buddhist historical paintings, retained the interesting picture a young and four went to the riverside to worship Buddha, which is also a family outing. The picture in the grandmother and grandson sitting in Buffalo back, grandma and housewife is ready for the Buddha flowers, interesting. A summit climb is the ancients must abide by the Double Ninth Festival custom. The ancients Denggao, is not limited to the mountains, temples, waterside pavilions, is frequented the place. While occupying a hill, an invigorating autumn climate, yangtianchangxiao Shu Yishu xiongyi. Boarding ladder: Mogao Grottoes cave 454th in addition, the ancient people there is another way to get a ladder! Such as Mogao Grottoes in the murals of Niutoushan, Buddhism from India to Tiandong pass the epitome of Chinese. Mogao Grottoes cave 454th Niutoushan drawings have boarding ladder ladder picture, clever people climb the ladder through tau, is very small.相关的主题文章: