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The Internet not only a form of insurance innovation should focus on the consumer demand of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The most direct application of the Internet insurance, you can produce the fastest industrial ecology of the effectiveness of innovation, marketing service innovation and product design innovation. If you want to do this two kinds of innovation, insurance companies first need to establish a new Internet insurance consciousness, and pay attention to the insurance consumer demand recently, the author in the China life Hunan branch investigation, found the Internet insurance innovation "stores based on e". The word "shop" sounds great, but in fact it is made up of a portable mini computer and a cell phone. Consumers insured, only the ID card in the above sweep, after a few seconds, an insurance policy will be sent to the customer. More importantly, e out of a single form is not just a single, but a series of innovative products to match, effectively solve the problem of rural insurance services last mile. In fact, in recent years, with the name of the Internet insurance innovation launched the product or marketing is not uncommon, the in-depth integration of success, but the superficial form is more common, from the moon insurance, haze insurance, high-risk drinking milk, to insurance Internet insurance innovation is such amusement type. This makes people can not help but think of a question, what should rely on Internet insurance innovation to win? In view of the current situation, there are many aspects of the traditional insurance industry, the road of the Internet must be innovative. However, the author believes that the moment the most direct application of Internet insurance, industrial ecology can produce the fastest utility innovation, marketing service innovation and product design innovation. "E store" as an example, this innovative product can achieve good performance in the local market, because doing this two kinds of innovation work mentioned above, directly enhance the efficiency of insurance companies involved in the internet. In order to do these two types of innovation, insurance companies need to establish a new sense of the Internet insurance, Internet insurance as a traditional insurance and both have a different relationship between the new marketing system. Right now, many of the insurance companies on the Internet innovation superficial, only to meet the design of a web page, or split the traditional insurance products sold fine network. As everyone knows, this is the big Internet insurance innovation, the real Internet insurance products according to the characteristics of network transformation or reconstruction of new products, and establish a match with the new product system and marketing business process. Only in this way, it is possible to enter the Internet and the depth of integration of the track. Secondly, the insurance companies need to pay more attention to the needs of insurance consumers than ever, this is the insurance companies to enter the Internet platform, the first to solve the problem of product design. Because the traditional insurance companies are better at and used to assess and control the risk, this way of thinking is often made in the field of Internet insurance lack of initiative to find customer needs. Recently, the Internet insurance sales dropped, one of the important reasons is that the Internet insurance channels rely solely on the price, have designed a network of individual insurance products相关的主题文章: