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The exposure Manchester winter window 20 million pounds to buy a small LAN method exploits wing or go to inter Sohu sports Guardiola exposure for 20 million purchase of small   week in the Champions League group phase three, Manchester at the Nou Camp 0-4 defeat to Barcelona, this is the blue moon on several occasions in the past war red and blue group lost the most miserable time. Despite doubts about the City boss Guardiola is not much, but the undeniable fact is that the blue moon has been in crisis, from the start to the season 10 game winning streak, 4 consecutive games are now winless, especially the Spaniards continue to try new formation, to the city the pains can’t seem to end in the short term. British media, the sun revealed that Manchester City record began to slump, coach Guardiola will be attributed to the team has not yet revolutionized, many players in the position, is not entirely in line with his skills and tactics. Recently, Fleet Street exposure, after saying good-bye to Nasri and other players, Mangala Boni, Manchester City are still not love Guardiola player, Yaya Toure has been blocked, and Aguero kompany is likely to become the team’s blue moon two "unlucky", especially the former Argentina striker, Everton and Barcelona. Continuous bench, won a total of 45 minutes. The British media "the sun" pointed out that Guardiola knew his Manchester city reconstruction way far and heavy, 10 straight start only cover after the revolution bring the pain, now slowly spread out, he wanted to solve the fundamental problem of Manchester, that is to continue in the market’s first reinforcements. According to the newspaper, Guardiola will continue to "destroy" in the revolution, Aguero, as no front array development, will try to acquire once in Barcelona and Spain guest center Fabregas. For Fabregas, Guardiola know him very well, the Spanish midfielder from Arsenal to Barcelona in the summer of 2011, when the Blaugrana coach is Guardiola, two people working in a season, Fabregas made 48 appearances for Barcelona, scoring 15 goals and 20 assists, the performance is very eye-catching. With Guardiola’s departure, Fabregas did not work too long in Barcelona, in the summer of 2014 to join the price of 28 million pounds of the United States, the United States in the summer of. In the Standford bridge, Fabregas is in Barcelona to experience the well-being of the world, although he helped Chelsea win the Premier League title, but with the coach’s replacement, the team has become a fringe player in the new season’s Premier League coach Conti, former zhanba 8 only 4 field appearances, played a total of 87 minutes, most of all is sitting on the bench sidelined. The British media "the sun" said Chelsea would not stop Fabregas leave, but would not let him join the Premier League title rivals Manchester City, it is hard to say, it is reported that the blue moon has prepared a transfer fee of 20 million pounds; it is reported that, inter Milan and Juventus are also interested in the method of small. At the same time, the British media, "the sun" said, in January next year the winter window is open, and a meritorious service will leave, he is Saba Laeta. This is in the summer of 2008 from Spain to Manchester City, Argentina right back相关的主题文章: