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" " eighth lottery help carpenter; station of Bishan hundred outstanding poor students funded by the Sohu in October 20th, Chongqing welfare lottery center, Chongqing city occupation education association, the Chongqing commercial newspaper jointly launched a large-scale "lottery love? Teach a man to fish –" 2016 Chongqing lottery scratch? Help me to dream of flying "public welfare activities to help a" held in Bishan occupation education center. Activities at the scene, the school 100 outstanding poor students received a public fund of $2000 per person.   200 thousand donation funded the Bi vocational students on October 20th afternoon, "Fucai love? Teach a man to fish –" 2016 Chongqing lottery scratch? Help me to dream of flying "public activities help Carpenter" came to the eighth station — Bishan occupation education center, the school more than 1500 teachers and students participated in the activities. The same day, Chongqing distinguished high tech Industrial Development Zone, Chongqing daily business mentor poly general manager of Foreign Information Technology Co. Ltd. Ren Zhongjun also to 3 years from the workplace rookie to senior executives "in the title of the public lecture. "Public welfare assistance activities’ has been carried out for two years, this year, the total funding increased from 1 million yuan to $2 million, which shows that the community attaches great importance to vocational education and recognition." Chongqing city occupation education association executive vice president and Secretary General Li Guangxu said that this event in response to China’s "precise poverty" and "China manufacturing 2025" strategy, is to support the occupation education development in our city is owed, sent a warm charity for poor families. "Since 2006, city welfare center has accumulated by urban and rural residents with special difficulties such as the family of more than 25000 College freshmen." Chongqing welfare lottery center propaganda department vice minister Li Xiaoduo said, hopes to help people to help themselves "way of helping poor families, so high school students (in) learning towards the society smoothly, proficiency in a particular line, change the plight of the family. Students invariably bowed at 4 pm, the school’s 100 outstanding poor students took to the podium, in order to receive 2000 yuan per person grants. Took the hands of staff donations, students invariably bowed. This scene touched everyone on the scene. "As the focus of Chongqing city medium occupation school, the third batch of Chongqing city occupation education reform and development demonstration school, Bishan occupation education center school, all kinds of skilled personnel 25 thousand people have been transported to the local economic development, for Bishan industry enterprise training all kinds of skilled personnel more than 3 people. The school in inheritance and innovation, the formation of confidence, excellence, the pursuit of excellence in the music industry "is on the cultural characteristics of artisans."." In the event, Bishan occupation education center president Long Zeping told students recipients have to dream, be thankful, ambition, open their wings to fly. In addition, the president also revealed that the dragon, Bishan vocational education center is expanding, in the future, our school will reach the size of 4500 people. In the teaching and training equipment at home and abroad to introduce advanced professional at the same time, we also introduced the German advanced vocational education concept and teaching mode, improve the quality of students, cultivate our own "Bishan craftsman.""相关的主题文章: