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Nanjing second-hand housing market regulation, the first day of the new deal sentiment spread — Jiangsu window — original title: second-hand housing developers no longer bullish sentiment spread to Nanjing in the evening of October 5th, the original restriction, limited credit policy based on overweight: loans outstanding, two suites Shoufu to 8 rely on social security or outsiders; the local tax certificate to purchase; single people purchase 1 suites. Second tier cities in the country’s most severe new deal in the property market, the moment let the Nanjing property market to wake up from fanaticism. Modern Express reporter found that the first day of the new deal, the market up to shout voice almost disappeared, accompanied by a huge loss of people buy a house, developers not arrogant, and low profile contact buyers. Second hand housing market, it was shouted down, someone shouted up, but the mood is spreading rapidly. In addition, the tighter regulation of the real estate market, the market cooling, while developers fined 400 thousand yuan for violations. Cool once entertained the arrogant West South projects should be opened a regulation upgrade, let sales staff yesterday become the most busy people. "The company asked us to give each customer accumulated before the call to ask whether the purchase is limited or restricted." North of the city a real estate sales staff said in dismay, she visited more than and 30 customers, the results are close to 20 that cannot be bought, the rest of the customer intention has at least half said to reconsider. "There are some outsiders, there are several investment passengers in Nanjing, there are many Suites itself. In addition, customers are limited credit, can not take 8 into the first payment." She said that other colleagues in the telephone survey also generally feel cool. Modern Express reporter learned that, once a house is hard to find the River southwest, before a number of real estate prices due to the said entertained do not sell. In the multiple impact of new regulation and real estate sector YanZha property hoarding, a number of projects have yesterday to call the customer, please customers to the sales office to talk, and that will be opened by the end of this year. The original bundled parking only real, now not bound to buy said yesterday, before a real estate in the north of the city when customers buy 200 thousand yuan to buy a bundle of mandatory parking spaces. "After the new deal salesman to call me, say you do not need to buy bundled parking spaces, can buy the remaining weifang." The individuals who believe that from the mandatory tied to not tied, developers have obvious "or soft": "maybe I should send a car for my turn." Many people also said that yesterday received a lot of phone sales offices. "I go to the sales offices, sales of the river west of the past, not how to speak to me. Yesterday, I suddenly received a call to the southwest of two rivers, I have no plans to buy a house." A Jiangning people told the modern express reporter, there are several so-called hard to buy in Jiangning, God disk, also went to the sales office before leaving the phone, but the sales staff has never played for themselves, the results also began to play yesterday. The second-hand housing market sentiment increased, some people drop someone up second-hand housing intermediary is also busy gruel. As in September 25th the purchase of the new deal after that night, the major intermediary in late October 5th in Nanjing and the new deal "race". It is understood that the banking system to determine the eligibility of loans to October 7th, 5 in October相关的主题文章: