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A bowl of warm hot porridge winter is excellent! Sohu eat lavish meals to eat too much, always want to drink porridge, but white porridge is not awesome, so let’s point, this is Guangdong porridge, in fact is very simple, cooked porridge put all kinds of food can be, to love you, this time I put is liver and preserved egg, is also very good, we look at mobile phone travel more convenient and delicacy with two-dimensional code scanning, WeChat public number I can also search for WeChat public number: "Luo Shengtang" I will release the latest recipes on the WeChat public number in the latest events and my personal micro signal: LHEROW material rice two grams of liver grams of preserved egg ingredients: lettuce onion ginger the amount of seasoning: Yellow Wine grams grams of Salt Pepper The rice washing with water for half an hour, the water boiled rice casserole, fire boil, and simmer until the rice boiled sticky rice during flowering, liver slices, preserved egg cut small pieces of lettuce, cut thick wire, shredded ginger, shallot mince spare porridge, put pork slices with salt and pepper, Yellow Wine powder grasping uniform, put into the preserved egg porridge, boil, then stir the fire scattered liver open released last Caisi ginger and shallot, add a little salt can pan the porridge to postscript: Boil the water first and then meters, so as not to stick pot, boil it is fragrant rice soaked in advance for a while, will soon have a good, then when the lid to leave a little gap, certainly not overflow, can be used The lid on a chopstick to leave a seam on the rice and the amount of water is about my grams meters pounds of water, boil out of porridge dilute the appropriate thick thin consistency is a personal preference, some people love thin, thick love someone, I love to drink gruel, for example get a bowl of breakfast gruel, eat a piece of Steamed Buns, Fried Eggs, three slices of pickles is also very good, if I let this old father-in-law congee, it is bad, it becomes the Steamed Buns Steamed Rice with breakfast………. Another point is that the rice quality is not the same, boil out of porridge dilute consistency is not the same, this depends on their own play, but remember, try not to stay up too thin, so no taste, if we are not afraid of the boil thick part, scoop out more open water dilute the consistency. Comparison of liver fishy, so Yellow Wine and pepper for about ten minutes before the pot must, the liver is also very easy old, so don’t advance the liver, so cook for a while is not good bite, must be at the end of liver, porridge temperature is high, the pork liver cooked quickly, go after the fire. A few scattered after the porridge and then bubble almost, quickly released Caisi and scallions, and then out of the pot, hot to eat is king, this time to eat pork liver smooth crisp, if put in a moment, although Sheng into the bowl, but the continuous high temperature hot porridge cooked pork, then this time will become old. Ginger must be put to use, but also fishy titian. As for the use of salt, pickled pigs!相关的主题文章: