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SONY Bluetooth speaker with black technology, small bass – Sohu | technology in explosion still | for portable speakers now on the market, the main requirement is not sound, but convenience. Due to the volume limit, portable speaker sound and can not be perfect, the first unit size defines speaker bass, and speaker of the left and right channel spacing is determined not to sound too wide horizontal portable speakers. Therefore, the use of convenience and portability of the volume has become the key point to open the gap between similar products portable speakers. The author of the evaluation of SONY SRS-HG1, is one of the two areas to achieve the ultimate product. Although its sound quality may not be the same price leader, but the connection mode of the complete, compact size, compared with its products are not afraid of much. What is more, this is a support of high bit rate Hi-Res source portable speakers. This is quite rare in the Bluetooth wireless speaker, even if it is a considerable part of the desktop decoder comes with the decoder can not do this. So, let’s take a look at the design of the speaker in what extent. | box first | first is to thank the very fruit and Jingdong provide the experience of digital products. Sound box packaging is more refined, there are not many things. In addition to the key specification, warranty certificate. Only a sound box body, and the original manual USB line. I get here is the emerald green SONY SRS-HG1, looks like the overall design is very high. SRS-HG1 on the speaker has a series of signs indicating the source of the signal light, Audio In on behalf of the analog input 3.5mm, USB said USB audio input, Bluetooth on behalf of Bluetooth, Network on behalf of the WIFI DLNA connection. As for Link, I guess it’s lights will light up when paired with the two speakers, and the hand only single speaker, will not be able to test it. Double USB SONY SRS-HG1 port USB port and a little nervous, charging port audio transmission is separated, and the SONY in the charging port of the mark quite exaggerated, even the user inserted the wrong USB port caused what accident. However, the USB port of the computer and charger are 5V power supply, presumably if the wrong problem is not too big. Not to mention the SONY SRS-HG1 standard charger only 5V 1.5A output power, does not support fast charging, the current is not very high, do not know why SONY law don’t try to put the two together and do? | on cable method technology of the black | to say this SONY SRS-HG1 what is special in many portable speakers, we have to mention that a lot of logo on the packaging posted, SONY exclusive technology is the basic law of a familiar. To detail the words, in fact, these techniques can be regarded as SONY audio department from the Walkman series down the technology. S-maste!相关的主题文章: