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In addition to Fan Bingbing by age all often deposited mask depends on age – liner fashion — original title: Fan Bingbing by age all except often deposited mask also depends on the age and in various eye makeup, the play is for her eyes, whenever seemed to feel the eyes watery, and big god. As we all know, Fan Ye previously loved cat eye makeup, lip color and various all-match, her feminine interpretation to the extreme. However, since the Fan Ye and Heiniu together, seems small woman is no longer a cat eye liner eye makeup ~ thick, black, long, but a faint, if you look carefully, will find that she has a magic – Eye Liner Eyeliner trend than flying. This eye makeup to make Fan Ye eyes more bright, and the whole people look younger! Yes, this is the legend of the reflective eyeliner"! What is the reflective Eyeliner? The lower eyelid than the upper eyelid before a colored eye shadow to draw eyeliner, eye fine eye tail thick, then dyed white powder eye shadow halo eyelids, eye shadow and cause mutual reflection effect. In addition to Fan Ye, Baby, Ni Ni, they also drew fat di! This was the innocent age artifact makeup how little it ~pony, Park Shin Hye, Yoona also painted ~ summer, with a reflection of Eyeliner painted water, not only make people look more cheerful, but also by age! Actually, not that reflection than the cat’s Eye Liner Eyeliner look good, each have their own charm, however, reflection is more suitable for daily makeup Eyeliner makeup looks natural point. So, Xiaobian teach you how to draw shadow Eyeliner oh! This is the essential artifact of the nude make-up! The reflection of liner painting Step 1: painted with brown eyebrow pencil eyebrow, eyebrow color not too deep color. Step 2: with the golden pearl pink eye shadow in the upper eyelid halo. Step 3: in the outer corner of the eye with red brown eye shadow dyed ">" shape. Tips: light brown eye shadow halo to the next point or the eye of the eye is a loss of the left can be too long, too old, too short to lose the reflective meaning. Step 4: 34 lower eyelid near the inside corner of the eye with meat pink eye shadow halo, prominent position of silkworm. Step 5: just below the eyes with a brown eyeliner eyeliner. Tips: the reason for the reflection of the eye liner named, it is the next eye modeled on the eye to create a reflection of the camp. Therefore, in the description of the liner, do not choose carefully, deep lines, that will only add for your eye makeup rather than deliberately blurred. According to the end of eye contour under oblique draw short strokes, with small brush or finger is dizzy catch, super natural. Step 6: lash mascara to the eyelashes brush on a thin layer of mascara, make the makeup look more clean. Step 7: put lipstick on your lips. (coral, red bean color can also be oh, but not the strong bright colors on it) so you most likely to let others emerge to protect ~ reflection Eyeliner has two main points: the eye tail small lowered the eye pan micro light, reflection of silkworm is not clear)相关的主题文章: