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The students for professional two years be required to change back to the school to respond to the "Beijing – promise and then deny in succession" for two years students were asked to "professional back" the local education department banned students across categories turn professional schools said previously did not know the policy recently, some friends broke the news that a number of students enrolled in the Yunnan foreign language Career Academy, two years after the defendant because of the inconsistencies in the professional knowledge and professional level reading admission requirements, to the original registered professional school. In the face of the school ", has read the promise and then deny in succession" and other professional students said they cannot keep up with the two courses. In this regard, the school responded that, at the end of August has received notice that the Department of education does not allow these students to turn professional. The education department must not cross class reading turn professional accounting for two years back to learn Thai Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted a Yunnan foreign language Career Academy students of grade 2014, the student said, he is five year college, was admitted to the professional after admission to the school is Thai, "please go to the accounting profession, the school was" that can turn no effect". However, the student said, in their accounting professional students after two years before the beginning of this year, the school received a notice, "let us begin a week back in the original professional reading, and followed at my level, students read" the student said, due to the lack of two Thai learning foundation, now turn over, learning schedule "didn’t come with". BYD reporter to contact the Yunnan foreign language Career Academy admissions office, a responsible person told reporters BYD, encountered such a situation are the cross class students turn professional. For the above the accounting students, the person in charge of accounting belongs to the economics profession, belongs to the Thai language majors, referrals, the provincial education department to reply. If the accounting to the economic management or financial management, such as professional, do not belong to the cross class, this situation can be transferred". The school did not know that policy students do not agree can arrange for the college entrance examination this official said, "when these students apply when turn professional are filled in the application form, the school is the consent of the dean’s office also to win them over, but at the end of August this year, the school Education Department received notice, said not to turn professional. "If we don’t know, we wouldn’t have promised the students." The person in charge said. In this regard, BYD reporter contacted the Yunnan Provincial Education Department of higher education, a responsible person, five year college refers to has read 3 years of secondary school and 2 years of college, the educational system "is not allowed to turn professional". For the students in the school from Thai major to the accounting profession, this official said, "this is not in conformity with the provisions of the". For the call at the end of August received a notice of the education department, the responsible person does not know the specific circumstances, need schools to produce specific documents". In the face of "forcing the students to return to the original professional caused controversy, the Yunnan foreign language Career Academy admissions office official told reporters BYD, if students really do not want to return to the original" professional, we can give them technical secondary school graduation certificate, the school will organize them to participate in college entrance examination in November this year, when students can apply again myself love the professional, at present.相关的主题文章: